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Liam Knox Is About To Make A Big Splash

One lip lock between Dallas Steele and in his first scene, Liam Knox, has him more than him making a big splash. It has these studs flipping right into each other.

The finale of “Demolition” from TitanMen more than put to shame by showing that not only do real men kiss, when gay men are unshackled, a simple kiss can lead to primal passion.

Today, they are teaching a master class as they premiere “2 Men Kiss” and introducing Liam Knox in the very first scene.

In “2 Men Kiss”, there’s no such thing as an obligatory peck. This is a hardcore exploration of “the bolt of electricity that courses through every hard inch when he touches you. “2 Men Kiss” features TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele along with Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Dirk Caber, Anthony London, and the might meat of Jason Vario.

[Watch “2 Men Kiss” at TitanMen]

liam knox dallas steele flip fuck titanmenIt was TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele who flipped with Bruce Beckham in Bruce’s triumphant return to the blue screen in “Blueprint”. He pays it forward once again today with Liam. Liam gets a bit of a shiver when he immerges from the pool. Once their lips meet, the friction from their beards sliding against each other started heating things up right from jump.

liam knox dallas steele flip fuck titanmenThe big splash, as promised. As Liam steps out onto the patio to meet Dallas, the water clinging to Liam’s hairy, muscled body is another visual panorama to drink in.

liam knox dallas steele flip fuck titanmenMoving inside, Liam eats Dallas until the Man of Steele’s hole is demanding attention. As Liam grinds away, Dallas’ cock throbs with each thrust.

liam knox dallas steele flip fuck titanmenBut before long, that throbbing cock has Liam with a hungry hole too. Dallas takes care of that. And when they flip once more, the two take care of what they both needed from each other all along.

[Watch Liam Knox and Dallas Steele in “2 Men Kiss” scene one]

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