Micah Brandt Sounds Like He Really Loved Getting Fucked By Jimmy Durano On That Tractor

The last scene from Hot House’s Saddle Up is out, and in it Jimmy Durano gets to fuck Micah Brandt in the sun.

It starts out with Micah pretending to wash an old tractor, but that’s just an excuse to get himself all wet and glistening.

Then he squeezes some water on Jimmy Durano’s abs, and it just gets better from there.

Listen in the preview clip for when Micah literally says “OH I LOVE THAT” while Jimmy’s cock is inside him.

And, Jimmy Durano: still hot.










[Hot House: Saddle Up Scene 5]


9 thoughts on “Micah Brandt Sounds Like He Really Loved Getting Fucked By Jimmy Durano On That Tractor”

  1. Micah was a hot black guy from boring site Randy Blue I love his teeth thought. Jimmy is awesome with that hard rocked body and a sweet husband. Cristian Owen was lucky to have a man like him.

  2. Another Viagra induced, passion free, latex barrier boring scene. Not really erotic but a lesson on how to pretend to have sex.

  3. Micah Brandt’s really trying his hardest to look like a Sean Cody model. It’s kinda sad. The perm, dye job, etc., it all just looks really awkward. Durano is actually the only thing that saves this clip from being a total snooze. They just have to pair him up with someone(s) better. Maybe he just wasn’t into it. Can’t really blame him.

  4. Apparently didn’t love it enough to be able to cum! This was sadly not a good scene, and I was hopeful because those preview pics were hot! I feel like this would have been better if it was just a Micah solo scene similar to Adam Killian’s Fahrenheit solo scene at Falcon. Loved seeing him seductively try and wash that tractor.

    Once again Jimmy Durano was a boring top. He did absolutely nothing for this scene. I will say that he looked very good in the scene though. The outdoor lighting really gives him a great look, and he did a great job eating Micah’s ass. But that wasn’t enough to save his performance, much less this scene.

    1. YES Durano is the most boring top ever. Why do they keep asking him to top? It is obvious he is not enjoying it and just going through the motions.

        1. That’s how everyone lands in porn now. Remember Bruno Bond? Wasn’t he the boyfriend of a director too. Everyone brings their boyfriends to porn. No standards on being able to cum, fuck, or perform. And they wonder what happened to gay porn?

          1. I would also add that Durano is not only one of the most boring tops in gay porn history but I also would tag him with most boring performer in gay porn too (top, bottom or versatile).
            I love latin guys and years ago I thought he was going to have potential and I was rooting for him but he is a total flop IMHO. Boring, boring, boring and he really struggles to cum and his cumshots are the worst ever. Nice body but definitely should NOT be in porn. Seriously, would you not want a guy with a flabby body that could fuck like and animal and shoot ropes?

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