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Micah Brandt & Alex Mecum In One Of The Scenes Of The Year

The lust, the passion, the energy, the stamina, two big cocks, and two beautiful asses. All of that and two huge cum blasts too. Well, one is huge. The other is a jaw dropper. Unzip & get inside.

Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins release testosterone. That’s the scientific reason why working out makes us horny. That is the jumping off point for “The Trainer: No Excuses”.

Where they pick up the story is when men put the weights down followed by their shorts. The muscled perfection of Falcon Studios Group exclusives (FSGe) Sean Zevran owning Skyy Knox was a helluva way to start. The continuation today with Alex Mecum and Micah Brandt is one of the contenders for the scene of the year.

micah brandt alex mecum hot houseThere was that time when Micah traded fucks with FSGe Sean Zevran. And when he turned David Benjamin’s hole into lunchmeat. But he’s a world-class bottom and he puts all his skills on display today. Alex Mecum is equal parts leading man and equal parts porn star. He started out as a bottom and quickly became one of the best. But lately, in flip after flip and as the desingated fucker, he has earned his chops at a top. And today he adds another accolade: cum cannon.

And today, they let all of that loose on each other.

micah brandt alex mecum hot houseThe sight of seeing both our men bulging out of their shorts is worth the price of admission alone. But we’re just getting started. The sight of Alex’s big, thick dick makes Micah’s mouth water. Alex got thirsty himself. But when it came to Micah’s bubble butt, that made Alex hungry.

micah brandt alex mecum hot houseSlicked and ready, Micah’s bossy bottom instinct kicks in and he takes himself for a helluva ride.

micah brandt alex mecum hot houseBut then Alex takes charge and swoops up Micah in his arms, deposits him on the floor and fucks Micah’s hole into submission.

micah brandt alex mecum hot houseMicah’s eyes roll back into his head and he dumps his load,/a> of cum all over the gym floor as Alex keeps up the relentless pounding. Your eyes might roll back in your head when you see both the duration and the quantity of cum dumps all over Micah’s back. Think of a pint of butter pecan ice cream melting in the sun. Then Alex feeds Micah some of the bounty for his post work-out protein infusion.

[Watch Micah & Alex in “The Trainer: No Excuses” scene two at Hot House]

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  1. I’m confused wasn’t micah losing his balls and had an infection and needed money which is why he started a gofundme,

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