More Singing And Dancing From Brent Corrigan (This Time In His Underwear)

Another clip from the gay short musical I Was A Teenage Werebear has arrived, and if you loved the ones with Brent Corrigan singing and dancing with his clothes on, you’ll love this one with Brent Corrigan singing and dancing in his underwear. You might even love it more?

The film has screened at festivals throughout the summer and plays in San Diego this week. Go see it! Brent will be there.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what a werebear is.



33 thoughts on “More Singing And Dancing From Brent Corrigan (This Time In His Underwear)”

  1. Hot damn! If this vid cap isn’t queer I just don’t know what is. Was it really SPL singing or was he lip syncing? I do have to congratulate Mr. BC on his many endeavors and glorious successes. It so wonderful to see someone to take there talents beyond just porn. I always look at porn as the college thing to do. College kids need to make big money while in college and that is why a lot of these boys are G4P and after college we never see them again. Sex sells and even better yet sex and youth.

  2. Awesome, just awesome. I can’t wait to get it, the movie, I mean… Sean rocks!!! He is just so amazing, that’s all I can say, amazing in every way…

  3. I got Brent’s autograph recently and he told me to ‘purge the urge’, now I know what he meant! I love everything you do, Brent. You can do no wrong in my book! And that’s coming from a 45 year old English het married woman. You’ve got fans all over the world and from all walks of life now darlin, keep at it!

  4. Richard Rutherford

    Ive always adored Brent unconditionally so whatever he does in his public life is just fine by me. More power to you Brent x

  5. I thought he had voice lessons I’m pretty sure some actors just need to stick with acting I’m sorry Brent but
    As much as I like you and think your an awesome person singing not your forte

  6. I though that was quite fun, but yes I forgot, werebears are of course only known to be operatic baritones with perfect pitch, and no doubt the world will now end. Mr. Lockhart you have tried one career and should know no one ever tries anything new ever. P.S. Don’t lose your sense of humour:)

  7. Brent is too adorbs. This is supposed to be a campy, over the top horror flick genre-one that does not require great singing but a willingness to completely open oneself to be uninhibited and fling yourself into a crazy role. Which Brent exactly does. The film-makers who casted him knew what he could/could not do. He HIMSELF admits he’s not the best singer. He needed to be fresh, funny, and open, and he shows this in spades. Haters will always hate-not worth the time and energy.

    He is an amazing, funny, intelligent and thoughtful person who inspires crazy dedication from those who meet him. My best for him always.

    Funny-a Brent post is ALWAYS gold to this site. No one inspires more commentary or traffic :)

  8. I don’t know what to say. There’s a dichotomy in being an adult entertainer. You have fans who love you for your good looks, talent, and creativity. On the other hand, there are haters who will disrespect you and treat you like a prostitute.

    “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

  9. Lol…he really can’t sing, Brent I know you are reading this, please mate, stick to what you are good at. You hit so many wrong notes in the song…you are singing in a theatre like way, yet there is no vibrato, no musical style, dynamics… which is what it needs, it is just like karaoke, have you actually though about every note and word you are going to sing? Just because you have a fantastic career in porn does not mean you can do anything. I’m sorry, keep up with the singing lessons, maybe it should be a hobby? :)

  10. Ha ha! That was so cute and it made me laugh. I love Brent in and out of the porn industry. I think he’s got promise in him and would like to see him do more things like this. ^_^ Lol he makes me wish I was a gay man, but that’s okay! I’m still crazy about him. <3

  11. Brent is made of awesome! He’s fantastic in porn but is proving in various roles what a versatile actor he is.

  12. I personally can’t wait for this movie, Brent is and always has been one of the nicest people in the industry and puts his heart and soul into everything he does. People need to realise that the best form of comedy includes alot of tongue-in-cheek and this is what Brent does with style and grace in all of his comedy roles. I cannot wait for this movie, and i’m proud to be a Brent fan *nods*

  13. haters gonna hate.
    i really enjoyed it at the screening in SF. he did great, and i can’t get this song out of my head!

  14. This is so made of win! This its awesome to see him do something different these days. Keep going Brent you are awesome!

  15. Wow I just came lol. Brent is so gorgeous! He’s just beautiful! If only he could dance like that at my birthday lol.

  16. I was actually able to attend a screening of this at comic con courtesy of a friend at Image Entertainment (thanks Charlie) and it was actually very entertaining! Charlie introduced me to Sean and he was very gracious and very kind!

  17. i agree with nicole; he’s so cute and sexy at the same time! too bad i’m a girl lol and i think his voice is totally fine, he may not be the best singer but he definitely has some talent

  18. A werebear is a mythological entity. Like a werewolf it is a transforming individual who upon a trigger event , like moonlight strike their body, transforms into the antithesis of their character. The twink becomes a bear. That’s my understanding. I think you know that too.

  19. He is adorable and sexy at the same time. His voice is totally fine, I don’t know what this “porn stars should keep their mouths shut” shit is, sod off. Brent’s amazing :)

  20. What a terribly delightfull scene. I suspect in time Sean will feel about this song like Leonard Nimoy feels about the “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.” This movie is campy by design. It is just for fun.

    Brent recently wrote me to ‘purge this urge. Now I know what he meant. Some haters need to get real.

  21. Personally, I prefer him completely nude with a large penis ramming his prostate and his mouth filled with the scrotum of another gentleman so the only sounds coming forth are gargles and slobbering. But that’s just me.

      1. You shouldn’t reply to silly individuals such as this. It demeans your status just a bit. I understand your angst about it though.

  22. more proof that porn stars should keep their mouths shut –
    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt . — George Eliot

  23. He so gorgeous, I could just watch him sleep. When you have a red bandana in your right pocket… that means you want to be fisted right?

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