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Ace With A Hole

Ace has an eight pack, eight inches, a hot ass, and apparently, a sweet tasting load. He’s only lacking in one area: experience with other men.

22-year-old Ace is a newcomer from Sean Cody with a big smile and an even bigger dick. “I used to have a ten pack,” says our soccer player. And while in college, he made out with a guy and got his dick grabbed.

Is his arrival at Sean Cody also a ticket for the rest of us to watch along as he expands his sexual resume?

sean cody aceFirst off, something I haven’t said a lot this year: props to Sean Cody. Ace’s solo is well-filmed, and the interview endears the model to the audience instead of making us cringe.
sean cody aceAnd while it’s been a rough year for Sean Cody where they have compromised many of their standards right before our eyes, there is one area where they have grown: embracing diversity. The former bastion of the corn fed white boys has continually expanded their definition of “hot” to include men of color. Now if only they could get the rest of their act together.

sean cody aceAs for Mr. Ace here, pronouncements of “first times” and “lack of experience” should usually be taken with a big grain shaker of salt, but Ace seems pretty genuine.

sean cody aceI like a guy who is in shape, works out, takes care of himself, and clean shaven. I like black or brown hair, short hair definitely.”

sean cody ace“I think I want to do bottom first,” Ace states directly into the camera. “I want to see how it feels.” Mr. Camera sums it up, “You’re not even a little bit scared, are you?” “Nope.”

sean cody aceHe sure has the booty for that duty.
sean cody aceAnd that outie belly button isn’t just decorative. It puffs up along with his dick. Who knew?

sean cody aceAppropriately employing the two-handed technique, we get some good views of him working that big piece. It’s not the biggest blast in the world. But watching the BTS at the end, what we see is quite possibly blast number two and the initial launch might have happened before it’s time.

Hopefully, he’ll have better timing and control when it comes to expanding that resume. If you got to play casting director, who would you like to see his very first playmate be?

[Watch Ace at Sean Cody]

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