Austin Sugar, MrDeepVoice

Stairwell Sex: MrDeepVoice Goes Deep Inside Austin Sugar

The NakedSword X Beau Butler action is raging on thanks to a brand new steamy stairwell sex session!

For the latest episode of this mini-series from NakedSword and performer/director/producer Beau Butler, the superstar is stripping down to his shortest shorts to record some social media content with MrDeepVoice and Austin Sugar on the rooftop of his London flat. Once Beau finishes filming and dips though, his two porn star pals take advantage of their alone time by heading inside to exchange blowjobs and fuck bareback up and down the stairs. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever been dicked-down on the stairs? Let us know in the comments below and to watch this entire fuck from NakedSword X Beau Butler, head over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

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10 thoughts on “Stairwell Sex: MrDeepVoice Goes Deep Inside Austin Sugar”

  1. Sorry, but if they have to keep their shoes and socks on to film in some quirky location, I don’t need or want to see it. It’s too bad, because I really like MDV.

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