Watch It With The Sound Off: Cazwell’s “Get My Money Back”

Remember “Ice Cream Truck” and the men from that video? The follow-up video from Cazwell, with similarly masturbatory men that is less about ice cream and more about getting one’s money back, is called “Get My Money Back.” Who took the money, and why won’t they give it back? Also, monkey hats.

I clicked the mute button after about 30 seconds. Other than that, great!


3 thoughts on “Watch It With The Sound Off: Cazwell’s “Get My Money Back””

  1. Gay Chimpanzees. Their shirts say Bonobo Boys. The chimpanzees of Bonobo famously enagage in male/male and female/female pairings fairly regularly. For awhile it was also thought for along time, they have since discovered that dolphins use their blow holes, that they were the only animals besides human beings to actively engage in oral sex, shared masturbation, and kissing.

    I guess what I’m saying is that the only thing interesting about it was the hot guys and the Bonobo name. I had to turn off the sound to but I did make it to a full minute.

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