Welcome To The New “The Sword”!

After 4000-some posts about porn stars in jail, porn stars in love, blog wars, twinks wars, Twitter meltdowns, reality shows with gay porn stars, gay porn with reality stars, Diesel Washington, watersports, leather daddies, lollipop twinks, fisting, meth addicts on Cam4, twincest, gay-for-pay, straight-for-pay, bodybuilders, hookers, NOH8, gay priests, Folsom, GayVNs, Mason Wyler, porn star parties, porn star trainwrecks, porn star deaths, porn star birthdays, porn star retirements, Brent Corrigan, cock rings, cock piercings, big cocks, small cocks, and probably so much more, it was time to give The Sword a facelift. Oh god, what have we done?

Not that much! As you can see, things don’t look too different, but at the same time, everything is so different! It’s pretty, right? We hope you like the faster page loads, a more accurate search function, and a less arduous commenting system. Speaking of commenting, all comments will still be moderated, so don’t be a jerk. (Jerk= Getting your facts wrong, impersonating someone, making threats or using offensive language, or boring me.)

To fellow bloggers, porn stars with their own sites, and affiliates: In place of the stall wall at the bottom of the old Sword, we’ll be creating a special page full of all your links in the coming days.

There are still some formatting bugs to be worked out on earlier entries, and some of the interlinking between articles is acting weird, but other than that, what do you think? Any suggestions? You can always e-mail me here. Thanks a lot, you guys!

17 thoughts on “Welcome To The New “The Sword”!”

  1. I prefer the old layout.

    Your encapsulated headline links were very user-friendly and efficient instead of scrolling down a long tapestry. You could see every headline at once, and I actually thought it made your site unique.

  2. as long as you can bring news about : jonathan vargas, lucky daniels, tyler johnson, angelo marconi, diego and raphael cedano, milo and i can take the new look

  3. While it’s not as bad as what Gawker did to their websites it’s still pretty atrocious. If you took the old website and simply centered it so it wouldn’t look so weird on widescreen it would have been fine. Now it looks more like a site that is trying to cram ads into every possible spot they can find to boost revenue. The website actually feels like it’s trying to be offensive to the eyes.

  4. It looks good. What I would really like is some sort of facility where you can see the last 5 or 10 comments posted across all articles like Unzipped blog used to have (unless there’s already one here and I’m overlooking it somehow.)

    I’m also curious if that bug disappeared where if you type a string of more than 15 characters it puts a space in so testing… 1234567890123456

  5. It doesn’t seem that different except the wide screen setup. As long as you don’t shift the advertising to the other side. Make me scroll over to read about a pornstar arrest and we have a problem. Of course, I would think you would actually want people to see the ads. I have a wide screen and I’m still missing half of them. I have to scroll over to see OnTheHunt and Dominic Ford…they may want a reduced rate if they continue to advertise. :)

    But in all honesty it wasn’t the setup that had me checking in a few times a day. It was the writing, coverage, and humor.

  6. Not a fan,

    I know u guys got alot more work to do but whats up the font?? Alittle wide screen version huh?? Cant wait until the commentors start kissing your ass saying it looks good.

    Whoops they already started LOL

    Anyway, I know you still have work to do on the site so I will save my judgement for now, although I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Stay Fly fellas

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