Well, I Got It!

I’m literally over the moon with joy and am so proud to announce that I have been awarded the Twitter Maniac: Most Prolific In The Biz RUNNER-UP! award in the 2011 TLA Gay Awards! Can life get any better? No, it cannot. Being the runner-up means, of course, that some other gay maniac on Twitter actually received more votes than me, and now this gay maniac is my sworn enemy, forever.


(If I had to lose to anyone, I’m glad it’s you, bb.)

This award means a lot, because it comes from the people! So, thank you to all my Twitter followers for making me the Runner-Up in an award for Twitter! Guess I won’t be killing myself this weekend after all.

Here are some of the other winners and runners-up:

Must Own Movie: Fuck U! (Runner-Up: More Than You Can Handle)
Performer Of The Year: Brent Everett (Runner-Up: Brent Corrigan)
Director Of The Year: Michael Lucas (Runner-Up: Steven Scarborough)
Favorite Newcomer: Donny Wright (Runner-Up: Steven Daigle)

Full list here.


5 thoughts on “Well, I Got It!”

    1. Thank you! It actually blows my mind that anyone would take time to actually vote for me for anything…so I really do appreciate it. ;-p

  1. Brents Everett and Corrigan are an odd choice for Performer of the Year, aren’t they? They’ve hardly been in anything, and nothing promoted heavily.

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