Rob Romoni, Chris Steele, And Derrick Burts Talk Condoms And Testing At UCLA

Yesterday, the UCLA Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG), Queers for Public Health, and Law Students for Reproductive Justice hosted performer/marketing guru Rob Romoni, director Chris Steele, AHF attorney Brian Chase, and HIV-positive former performer Derrick Burts at a “Condom Use in the Adult Film Industry” meeting. Steele, Romoni, and Burts all expressed their strong support of HIV testing and condom use in porn, with Burts going so far as to say that condoms should be “mandatory.” Burts, you’ll recall, claims he acquired HIV on a set where condoms were used. Steele, an executive at Jet Set Men, admitted that changing industry practices isn’t their main objective, but that Jet Set is “doing what we’re doing and we hope we lead by example.” [AVN]



9 thoughts on “Rob Romoni, Chris Steele, And Derrick Burts Talk Condoms And Testing At UCLA”

  1. While it is completely absurd that Rob Romoni and Chris Steele think they can go on a testing/condom mandatory crusade while taking home a weekly paycheck from a bareback porn distributor, what do you expect from two of the biggest whack job adult babies in gay porn? These nuts do anything for attention, and they always fail.

    Next up from Jet Set Men: A porn parody of the day-to-day shenanigans at an HIV testing facility entitled “Patient XXX: The Derrick Butts Story,” starring [insert name of limp dick gay-for-pay “exclusive” who will make one movie and never be heard from again].

  2. I hope AHF is at least cutting Derrick Burts a check for this fuckery. If they’re peddling his wobbly-ass story all over the place for free, that’s just a damn shame.

  3. Uhm is this specifically the “GAY porn industry” or “THE industry” ?

    Having three ex-gay porn performers spout off about HIV and porn. Ahhhh, I see where the problem lies.

    Not one straight woman star or straight porn company director or representative.

  4. I think it’s really interesting that UCLA chose just JET SET to represent the adult industry for a number of reasons, not least of which being that Jet Set is owned by Marina Pacific and Marina Pacific is the one of the biggest distributors and producers of bareback porn.

    So … while I believe Chris that he wants to lead by example … it seems like he might want to think twice next time he’s depositing his paycheck … (Not to mention that some of the bareback porn Marina Pacific makes is **really** raunchy — even by Treasure Island Standards … Satyr films anyone?

    And don’t even get me started on Chris and Rob’s boss, Marina Pacific president Nicholas Boyias, who is a major donor to the Republican party & John McCain (see: . When people found out that Manhunt founder was a republican people quit manhunt in droves and demanded a boycott … but when your porn is brought to you by a right winger … somehow it’s fine? Ugh … gay men and their priorities will never cease to amaze me.

    1. I could have lived about 105 years without clicking that link and been totally happy. Eyebleach, please. Also, mental floss.

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