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Are Joel Birkin’s & Jack Harrer’s Horse Dicks “Offensively Large?”

Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer supply more than 18″ of dick. Claude Sorel took every one of them. “Offensively Large,” is the new BelAmi series that more than lives up to its name.

Joel Birkin’s cock has been called a “monument.” Jack Harrer’s has been described as, “the greatest penis in all the world.” Even though BelAmi is calling them “Offensively Large,” the only real offense is that Claude Sorel has them all to himself.

big dicks belamiBelAmi guaranteed a white Christmas in 2014 when they first paired Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer together. Last year, they did it again when Claude Sorel and Gino Mosca jointly feasted on Joel’s monument with both their holes in “Scandal at the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard.” Today, Jack and Joel serve up their mighty poles together to a decidedly unoffended Claude.

sorelharrerbirkinBoys with humongous cocks grow up to be men with humongous cocks. Claude saw no reason to wait.

big dicks belamiIn fact, there is literally so much dick and so much action in this first from the “Offensively Large” series they needed spread this into two parts to catch it all.

big dicks belamiThat was especially true when it came to the cum shots. BelAmi, please offend us again soon. If Claude Sorel can take it, so can we.

[Watch Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer Annihilate Claude Sorel’s Holes in “Offensively Large” at Belami]

2 thoughts on “Are Joel Birkin’s & Jack Harrer’s Horse Dicks “Offensively Large?””

  1. I hope Claude Sorel knows how lucky he is – how long do you think it was before he walked without a limp after this scene?

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