It’s The Blatino Awards, Everybody!

Two gay porn awards announcements in two days? Yes, two. But unlike the Grabbys, the Blatinos know how to spell people’s names! (Unless you consider “Phat Daddy” misspelled.) This year’s honorees at the 5th Annual Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards include Sarge, Hot Rod, Dream, the aforementioned Phat Daddy, and–sorry haters–Diesel Washington.

In addition to knowing how to spell, the Blatinos aren’t murdering my eyeballs with 14583,0004839 categories. Also, they don’t even have nominees. Instead, they’ve singled out a handful of performers, which means no campaigning, no Twittering, no phony congratulations on what an “honor” it is just to be nominated, and no meltdowns from nominees who end up losing at the show. I’m into the Blatinos!

The Blatinos are giving a special “Outstanding Achievement” award to Diesel:

The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards is proud to recognize Diesel Washington with our first ever award for “Outstanding Achievement” in the adult entertainment industry. Hot! This is the best word to describe Diesel Washington. This mainstream adult film star is best known as a dominant top. Initially signed as a Titan Men exclusive model in 2006, Diesel has gone on to win several Grabby Awards, most recently—in 2009—as performer of the year and as author of his blog,, which combines news from the gay adult industry with personal reflections and photos, many featuring the performer himself. In 2008, the International Escort Awards or “Hookies” recognized him as the year’s best fetish escort, while in 2010 he won a Hookies award for his blog. Congratulations!

And there’s a well-deserved award for Best Newcomer going to Ace Rockwood:

The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards is proud to honor Ace Rockwood for his outstanding work in the adult entertainment industry. Since his debut in 2009 with Chocolate Cream Studios, he has appeared in over 14 films and has already won a 2010 GAYVN award “Best Group Scene” for the film “Black Balled 7-Jail Slammed”. His concern for HIV/AIDS education prompted him to create his own HIV prevention message on youtube. A Detroit native, Ace is 23 years old and has all of the right equipment to get the job done! Congratulations!

The Blatinos, which will also honor performer Paul Hanson with a lifetime achievement award, are on May 14th in Palm Springs. Sadly, Tre Xavier wasn’t recognized for his singing.



4 thoughts on “It’s The Blatino Awards, Everybody!”

  1. Hmmm not many comments so I will leave one…

    I want to thank the TheSword for providing coverage of the Blatino awards, you exposed your reading audience to another side of gay porn that is alive and doing well. Popular stars like Ace Rockwood, Sarge, Hot Rod, Dream, the Phat Daddy are VERY popular models that might not have had the same exposure on the “Mainstream” side of things. I’m glad they finally got some well deserved press on TheSword.

    I’m starting to love your new design of the site(I’m scared of change)but I’m glad that you(and other sites)are starting to include well rounded stories about ALL forms of gay porn. Lets face it the lack of diversity in “mainstream” is retarded!! It’s 2011!! Hot is hot and it comes in many forms/races/ages bah bah. Not on a soapbox shouting Men of Color only…

    I think your reading audience should be exposed to Bears, Trannies, other genres of porn as well. Your posts are mostly filled with white jocks/twinks and bareback porn models(Hmm yeah that covers it)

    My jaw would drop, if I ever saw a post of a Tranny performer with a BIG dick fucking the shit out of some jock not just fucking him……FUCKING HIM WELL!!!

    Shock value alone……

    Oh to Secret Admirers out there…

    Have a good day

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