Marriage Equality, Maverick Style

Is their a better argument for redefining marriage than Cole and Hunter from Maverick Men? I’m fairly sure that Rick Santorum would rather marry a horse than allow the barebacking former Xtube couple to consecrate their non-monogamous sexlationship.

Given the fact that the couple travels the world having unprotected sex with straight virgins, we’re not exactly sure why The Mavericks are so damned excited for a marriage bill that doesn’t involve multiple partners or free testing. Is it possible they think visitation rights allow you to come over when his parents aren’t home?

This video, posted yesterday, features them after a long night celebrating NY pride. And it’s the oddest thing: THERE’S NO ONE ELSE IN ROOM! (Full disclosure: I did not check under the bed or in the room safe.) Is it possible that all the marriage talk has them rethinking their loose ways? Could condoms be next? Men over 25? The possibilities are endless …


16 thoughts on “Marriage Equality, Maverick Style”

  1. You leave out the fact that they test themselves and the models they work with before having unprotected sex with them.

  2. the real news here is that Maverick is former Xtube…who knew? Seems the Maverick has followed the foot steps of the many talents that once called Xtube home..and jumped ship before this site totally tanked

  3. It has been established since the book “The Male Couple” that very very few long-term male couples are monogamous. A recent study on so-called “long-term gay couples” simply affirmed what the author of The Male Couple found back when. While the fact that gay relationships don’t fit the “monogamy model” is not in and of itself the case against Gay Marriage, the simple fact of the matter is that, VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN MARRYING. What you have here is a Gay Marriage Propaganda Machine lead by the likes of The New York Times and The Washington Post making “Gay Marriage” some all important critical issue when every study and every survey is saying that fewer and fewer people are marrying, MARRIED COUPLES ARE NOW A MINORITY in America.

    According to one report I read, 38% of long term gay couples have elected to marry. While this at first sounded higher than I expected, I then realized that the number of gay people who classify themselves as being in a long-term committed relationship is itself probably a very very small percentage of the total gay population.

      1. Word. Some of us want the freedom and legitimacy to marry for its own sake, as the next step in a relationship. We can’t all be hipster jackasses turning our noses up at the stinking conformists. Go sneer at monogamy and commitment in the corner.

      2. There are “several ways” for people in the US to create legal relationships. A Marriage license is simply one of those ways and, as indicated, “one of those increasingly less popular ways”. Surely you don’t think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don’t have any kind of a legal relationship between them simply because they have elected not to marry. Susan Sarandon was quote once saying she was legally bound to Tim Robbins through their children and the property they owned jointly. If eight gay men in Iowa got together and created a non-profit LEGAL social club, that social club would have infinitely more RIGHTS than a fucking marriage license and it would be legally recognized everywhere on the fucking planet, not just is fucking Iowa. But hey, maybe I don’t know nuthin ’bout nuthin

  4. I’m just saying, their life seems a lot better than stupid old marriage. Let’s have sex with whomever we want, dump coupledom and fight for the rights, not the ceremony.

  5. Perhaps they want the protections that come with marriage? Rights to property, visitation rights in hospitals, spousal privilege, etc.

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