Burning Questions Answered In Golden Gate Outtakes Reel

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get Shane Frost in bed, if Topher DiMaggio escorts, and just how powerful Kennedy Carter’s ass is (hint: very), watch this fun video.

We’re right in the middle of Golden Gate’s third season (watch episode one and episode two trailers), and to tide you over until the Kennedy Carter/Lawson Kane episode debuts next week, here is a montage of porn stars being cute. Heath Jordan’s “O” face just gave me a real life O.


[Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco]


16 thoughts on “Burning Questions Answered In <em>Golden Gate</em> Outtakes Reel”

  1. I am standing firm for Team Sugar in the Tank. I enjoy a little sass in the voices of my homoerotic performers, personally.

    1. Urhg I am so tired of the anti-gay snobism. Landon is gay when he talks. So what? He is hot. I find Topher’s eyebrows a thousand more times gayer than Landon’s mannerism.

      1. Do you think all gays have sissy voice? Do you think all gays are the same? We just don’t like feminated gays. Respect our choice!

        1. I dont like when the rest of the world judge us for our sexuality and I dont like when the community is ju8dgemental about it either.

  2. Keneddy with his british accent may sound kinda sissy but it’s because british accent is sissy. But Landon Conrad voice is very queeny. Shane Frost voice sometimes sounds too thin.

    1. As for Kennedy’s accent, I’m just happy it isn’t Brummie….ugh. Just imagining “oh yeah–fuck me” in a Brummie accent is stomach churning.

  3. Heath jordan is the man, others are to femmi. Keneddy with all that masculine tattoes and with that sissy voice is a turn off…Landon Conrad also…

  4. Oh please, they are all hot men, and there all fags. Anyway, I want a heath jordan rug too, and I want lawson to fuck me asap. Love my black men!

    i’d like to see heath and lawson fuck.

  5. Does anyone else but me want a Heath Jordon rug? I picture him lying in front of the fireplace in the library so I can run my feet over his chest as I read on a cold winter’s night. All joking aside, I love Kennedy but Heath was so hot in that video. I wonder how anyone one could think Topher’s voice was more was more masculine than Heath’s when the plucked princess was giggling while the entire time.

  6. I am one of the models in that video. I will remain nameless….but every other model
    reading the comments is laughing on the fucking floor to the “Topher is masculine” comment.
    By masculine, if you meant he is the ONLY model in that video who plucks his eyebrows…then
    yes…he wins.

    1. LMAO! that was too funny. two blah blah blahs in a matter of 5 seconds strips you of any most masculine voice award. Even without the blahs his voice still isn’t masculine you’re way too obsessed with him to even see it. Heath, Lawson and Kennedy had a more masculine voice than him.

      regardless of that, Topher is still hot and very doable! In fact I love all the guys in the video especially the hairy chested ones :)

  7. That was a hot little video, I always watch the bonus footage/behind the scenes stuff on dvds sometimes it is the most revealing and can be just as hot to see the porn stars not acting. Shane looks fucking incredible as always, such a hot fucking guy and Kennedy has the sexiest fucking accent ever… Those two do it for me big time in this video.

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