Devin Franco, Austin Avery

Devin Franco Takes This Locker Room Massage To The Next Level

We’re only in the fourth week of SCRUM releases, but there’s been an excessive amount of bareback action to come out SCRUM Go Big or Go Home and SCRUM Balls to the Wall, the two multi-studio companion sequels to Raging Stallion’s award-winning SCRUM.

So far we’ve seen a big dick model debut, one of the hottest flip-fucks of the year, the servicing of one of gay porn’s most famous cocks, and even some sexy bubble butt shower play. For the newest scene though, Hot House is hitting the locker room with horny teammates Devin Franco and Austin Avery for an incredibly deep massage that will leave everyone involved feeling loose and satisfied.

This SCRUM Go Big or Go Home scene from Hot House isn’t the only big SCRUM release of the week though. Over at Raging Stallion, the scruffy studio is dropping its fourth scene from SCRUM Balls to the Wall.

That big scene acts as the very first part of the massive orgy that takes place between the Raging and Hot House rugby teams. We’ll talk about that scene more tomorrow though when it officially drops, so be sure to check back here as we break down that giant group scene between these two studios. In the meantime, here are some bareback snapshots of the locker room hookup between Devin and Austin:

Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery Devin Franco, Austin Avery

So what do you think of this new scene? Are you excited to see the orgy between these two rugby teams? Do you have a favorite SCRUM scene so far? Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire locker room fuck over at Hot House!

[Watch ‘SCRUM Go Big Or Go Home’ ft. Devin Franco & Austin Avery]


7 thoughts on “Devin Franco Takes This Locker Room Massage To The Next Level”

  1. Austin is a hoooottttiiiieeee! Devan nice too but a bit over used. That smirk he gets used to be turn on now it’s kind of annoying! Austin hot little arse and long hair doesn’t do much for me but on him with that beard ……..mmmmmmmmmmm yum!

    1. Universal Potentate

      Yeah. I love Austin. He’s JUST beautiful! I agree that I like him more trimmed, but I liked him without the beard. I’m not mad about it either way honestly.
      Devin though. Yes! He’s overused … at least his ass is. That’s part of why I love him. I kept thinking “Austin’s bottoming, but he’s at least going to fist Devin, right?”
      Anyway … fun times. Loved the scene!

  2. Universal Potentate

    You see these two and you think “Wait. Who’s the bottom?”
    They definitely should’ve flipped in this scene. Next time, I guess.

  3. IMO Devin Franco and Austin Avery are two of the best bottoms in gay porn. If one of them is going to bottom for the other Austin is the one that should bottom. He plays the role of submissive bottom better than almost anyone in gay porn.

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