Jess Returns to Sean Cody After Two-Year Hiatus; Where Has He Been?

As predicted last week, Sean Cody’s Jess became the second of two long-missing models to reappear on the site during this “cumback” month.

The scene, which arrived over the weekend, is a JUST OK coupling with Porter that gets off to an awkward start — it takes an uncharacteristically (for Sean Cody) long time for Jess to get hard as Porter dutifully sucks him off.

He remains more grower than shower, and finally that big dick is rock solid and ready to pound the hell out of Porter, who seems to love every minute of it, even if these two don’t have stellar chemistry.

Here, first, is Porter drooling over that dick.



In the first part of the scene, Jess gives Porter an aggressive fucking, including the obligatory stepping on his head, and a full creampie after a pile-drive.








Then comes some pretty hot wrestling — Porter actually was a wrestler in high school — which is followed quickly by more fucking.






You may be wondering where Jess has been all this time! Well, we know he started dabbling again in porn at this low-rent site in 2014, after shooting his 21st fuck show for Sean Cody in March 2014.

Back during the height of his Sean Cody days, in mid-2011, he was rumored to “dating” (or fucking-for-money) gay Hollywood producer Bryan Singer, which, sure, could be true. And there was another two-year hiatus in there between 2011 and 2013 during which time Jess was clearly making money elsewhere, before returning to porn for another year.

What kept him away this time? Anyone seen him at the bars/ on the rent sites?

Do tell.


[Sean Cody: Jess and Porter]


2 thoughts on “Jess Returns to Sean Cody After Two-Year Hiatus; Where Has He Been?”

  1. If he resorted to doing a porn vid for that lower caliber site, I wonder if SC just stopped hiring him. As in, maybe SC just figured they were using him in too many scenes and thought that they should stop? During this video, Jess keeps on mentioning how it was good to be back. I might be reading too much into this, but, based on the way he said it, it seems like he was implying “thanks for inviting me back” more than anything else.

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