Surprise! Dawson Riley’s Live Show “Rescheduled”

Absolutely devastating news for Dawson Riley fans: His highly anticipated return to porn in a  “Live And Raw” show for Channel 1–which was supposed to stream last night–had to be rescheduled due to a “Cancelled Southwest Flight.” Over the weekend, Southwest airplanes were literally falling apart in the sky, and many of the company’s Boeing 737s were grounded, so saying that his flight was canceled would be a good excuse for Dawson Riley, if it were true!

Southwest Airlines says that no flights from Tucson to Los Angeles yesterday were canceled. Southwest Airlines also says that no flights from Phoenix to Los Angeles yesterday were canceled. Could it be that Dawson Riley had a case of cold feet? Or, did Channel 1 see his recent pics? There is the possibility that Dawson was flying to L.A. from another city and not out of Arizona, but what would Dawson be doing outside of Arizona, where he lives with his wife and children? Or, maybe the Southwest Airlines website is lying?

Who do U believe?! Dawson Riley or Southwest Airlines!?

UPDATE: You’re Welcome

5 thoughts on “Surprise! Dawson Riley’s Live Show “Rescheduled””

  1. Dawson should be home, being a good husband and father, not slumming with Chi Chi in hopes of re-entering porn. Well Chi Chi has her acrylic talons in him now so we can probably see his chunky ass by her side in the WeHo clubs very soon. I’m definitely not looking forward to seeing his chunkiness jiggle on a bar.

  2. I think it’s more likely that everyone agreed that “Dawson Riley” wasn’t up to snuff to be in front of the camera. If Chi-Chi and company had really wanted him to make his “comeback,” wouldn’t they have just got him on to another flight with another airline? Since he did make it to LA and had time to make that video with LaRue, why not have reschedule the live show to another day this week? Mr. Riley has sure been quiet this week on his Facebook and Twitter. Why wasn’t he pumping up his “comeback” to the days leading up to his departure? Betcha because C1R called it off at the last minute.

  3. i remember the post you put about what he looks like now but he says on twitter that he’s been doing webcam shows the past few weeks. Anyone seen em? How does he look??

  4. Surprise surprise, I don’t think he will ever get back in front of the camera. I think this whole thing is just a shameless attempt to get money for his cam shows(a $100 for an hour) from gullible fans who think his repentance is real.

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