Leave Johnny Rapid Alone!

After discovering him yesterday with those twins, Johnny Rapid instantly became my pretend boyfriend, so I now feel compelled to protect him from all these big-dicked jerks who keep trying to force-fuck him! Stop hurting my Johnny at once.

Not sure who this is sexy to and why Men.com insists on depicting the most sweetest boy in the whole wide world like this, but I’m here to say ENOUGH. (Unless I’m the one doing the fucking, gagging, and torturing.)

Who would ever want to harm a hair on this angel’s head? Who would ever want to lay a finger on him? (Lay a finger in him? Sure.)

Here’s Johnny in a prison shower with Rafael Alencar and then in a hotel room with Ricky Sinz. Horrifying and degrading!!

(OK, OK, the pics with the eggs and the toast are a little sexy. And the one with the close up of his hole. And all the others.)

And, of course:

[Men.com/DrillMyHole.com: Johnny Rapid]


73 thoughts on “Leave Johnny Rapid Alone!”

  1. ok, as a straight chick, dear god, yes.

    But also, why in the hell would a rape victim watch porn? You do know it’s practically prostitution? Not to mention there are gays who like rough sex as much as straights, so really? And for the love of all thing holy, don’t go near the hentai, because that’s a whole new level of wrong given the actors only need to SOUND like it’s happening.

    It’s about time a woman actually started making porn that women may want to watch. I like watching rough sex with 2 guys and whether gay guys like it or not, well what ever. They are porn actors we will not likely ever meet, so it really is all about the fantasy.

    I also can’t stand gay or straight porn where it looks OBVIOUS that the bottom is calm enough to make sexy faces at the camera. Seriously, if they look clear headed enough to care where the camera is, the top fails at sex. Say what you will, but Johnny looks like he has a large dick(some times his) to focus on for the most part rather than the camera, and generally seems to have fun with the shoot. Whether his ideal of fun is dominating, being dominated, or sex in general is something only he knows, but as far as the audience can tell, he likes what he is cast to like.

    Having read a good deal of MxM fan fiction, I can also safely say that a good number of women like the fantasy of a pretty boy being used and abused. Just look at the number of results you get for Harry Potter rape fics(it really is a sad statement on humanity). They are mostly written by women who haven’t even been laid if the quality is anything to go by, so please, don’t try to make my gender out as sweet and blameless in the whole degradation field. Also consider that most yaoi is written by girls and centers on the molestation and mistreatment of the bottom and is marketed to girls. That’s right, left to our own devices, girls decided that guys should not be the only ones to have homosexual fantasies about the opposite gender, they get lesbian cheerleaders, we get the football team reaming the twink.

    Now maybe this makes me a sick perve, but I am definitely not the only one and porn with no market dose not continue to get made.

  2. I love seeing cute little hairless sluts like johnny being humiliated and degraded and then forced to have sex
    it s so fucking hot
    my wife and me sometimes act out his scenes and it gets us so fucking horny

  3. johnny first appeared in first time boys as a gay pornstar he then went onto some orgy site and then finally me,com he is now ther top pornstar

  4. He’s only hot when being banged by a hot older bigger stronger guy other then that I’m tired of looking at him his face can almost turn girlish.

  5. he is so fucking hot :D i wish i could fuck him and let him fuck me, i would let him shower me with cum lots and lots of cum ;) he is the best

  6. Johnny if you read this.. marry me… im just a 30 year old Aussie and gay and single and i would love to be your one and only…

  7. I just want to say I stumbled across this by accident – I am a girl… This was just downright depressing. Not because he’s homosexual – if he is (it doesnt matter) but this shit is degrading. He’s such a handsome young guy who is being degraded to the lowest a person could be degraded – like serious, I am at a loss for words. The first pic of him (with clothes on) he is so freaking adorable and looks like a well put together young man but then you see the other photos and it sickens me, SIIIIIIICKENS me because I highly doubt he enjoys any of that…. just like most women dont enjoy giving blowjobs to random strangers on camera …. its sad. I hope this handsome young guy comes to his senses and gets outta this shit, its really sad …

    1. he does like it hes met all the people way before he has sex with them pluss f he did want to have sex with a passific person they wont make him

  8. I lvoe him so much, but i can only see the rape videos. I don’t like them, can’t there be any of him in love rather than getting raped. :((((

  9. realistic rape faces? yeah right! those faces are about as realistic as alencar’s ass. although pretty damn hardcore and confrontational, it’s designed for entertainment purposes, viewer fantasy. by definition no one actually wants to be raped, people only ever want to be randomly aggressively sexed up by total strangers.

    please keep the condoms!!

  10. he is lucky if anything….i would do anything to be punished like that…i love to pleasure…i wud suck any dick i can get my hands on….

  11. “Why does everyone keep raping Johnny…?” Perhaps this is an exploitation of his angelic good looks. He bears an uncanny resemblance to the Angel playing a fiddle smack in the middle of Caravaggio’s famous painting of 1596 THE REST ON THE FLIGHT INTO EGYPT (Galleria Doria Pamphili, Rome).

  12. i think johnny keeps getting raped in the porn videos cause he is a really good actor and can make realistic i’m-being-raped-faces

  13. Not sorry I’m being a dick but this is porn. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Get over yourself. There’s a lot of people they didn’t take into account and you know what, who gives a fuck. They’re making a buck and if you want, they don’t have to make yours.
    Did you not read? Kurt Wild has a wife and kids. Not saying that’s proof of much except the guy obviously got it up to fuck some vag so maybe he’s bi, idk. Either way, punks who assume all porn actors who are good must be gay are on something else. Obviously that means Christian Bale is a masked vigilante, Javier Bardem is murderous psychopath with an awful do, Colin Firth has a speech impediment and was a former king of england and Annette Bening and Julianne Moore clearly are a lesbian couple with a son named Laser.
    @everyone hating on the straight girl directing these vids
    FUCK OFF pussies. Agree that it’s about time GUYS started showing up the GIRLS in the getting fucked department. And yes, this totally caters to true top men that love fucking ass. And I love the extreme close-ups and again if you don’t, it’s porn, go watch corbin fisher like a pussy or better yet, austinzane. Obviously it takes a straight girl to make gay porn. Go her. She should do a cameo in a video, maybe orchestrate an orgy with her cunt and squirt on guys every few minutes for encouragement.

    1. finally, someone who gets it
      it’s just porn who gives a fuck. it’s not like the porn stars care what any of you think. they just want your money. and johnny is cute but he’s going to get old one of these days and then no one is gona wana fuck him

      1. Oh man that is sooo not true. If J. Rapid was age 35 or 45 (or even 55!) and in my vicinity, I would do any and everything he wanted that might give him pleasure. And for these 2 reasons: (1 )To repay him for the hours of viewing pleasure he’s given me, and (2) He most likely will still be HOT, because based on his looks & build he will probably age well. People with a sense of humor– which he obviously has– tend to do that anyway. (And hey, I’m not much into proctology, but that gaping hole shot is the cutest colon I’ve ever looked into…)

  14. He must not have a very good agent. Johnny at the rate you are going they are going to use you up and cast you aside before you are 21.

  15. As Someone who was actually raped last year, i find this offensive, yes i know it is staged but the fact is it dosn’t take people who have been raped into account, i agree with most of you that he is cute and a good actor and the gaping hole scenes are yuck! but it is a horrible ordeal to go through and why you would post that i do not know…

  16. This is fucked up. The idea here is he is cute, sweet, little boy, innocent. He is portrayed as a fucking slutty whore that needs to be used and raped ( in theory ). As though he needs/deserves to be broken. My guess is he already feels broken and is probably turned on by being used. People will say it’s a fantasy, if you beat off on the idea of raping/tormenting/using/degrading a young man you need to stop and think. He gave his permission for these scenes but it says a lot about the person beating off and financially supporting this. It’s not a far cry from………..

  17. I love Kurt Wild, he might be heterosexual but he clearly loved getting his ass plowed by the biggest dicks around. Parker London is straight?

  18. First of all, I hated Kurt Wild.

    Secondly, someone should smoke you out, fat… Cap letters? We’re talking about a fucking porn actor for god’s sake. Poor you…

    Believe what you wanna believe, if the thought of him being gay really gets you off that much then… I’m gonna let a brother dream.


    1. IDGAF what he is or claims to be, but where is this evidence of yours that he’s straight?! (Apart from “Oh, but there was Kurt Wild. Remember him?”) Do you have a link to a Twitter account or something (and all that might show is that he’s closeted)? I certainly wouldn’t rely on these videos for your authority… the latest Str8toGay update has friggin’ Trevor Knight playing it straight in a gloryhole scene (opposite Cliff Jensen’s detestable GF).

  19. @Loki

    Yes I have, every single one of them. And yes, he acted very “submissive”, but like I said, so did Kurt Wild, that didn’t block his cock from entering his wife’s vagina, and sure didn’t stop him from fathering… how many kids again?

    Rod Daily, Parker London, Marcus Mojo, Chip Tanner, the list goes on and on and on, being “good bottoms” has nothing to do their sexuality, or whatever they prefer their sexuality to be, but again, that’s their business.

    BTW, Johnny is actually a very underrated top…

    1. :/

      And, clearly, you’re fixated on this topic (and obsessed with Kurt Wild to boot *backs away slowly*). He says one REHEARSED LINE about being straight in a video for, lemme guess, Str8toGay or whatever and suddenly you’ve declared him to be straight IRL. NONE OF THIS SHIT IS REAL.

    2. Whoa, how idiotic can a nelly, straight-obssessed porn fan can be?. Have you ever heard of the term ‘bisexual’?. Even if the claims made by these guys of being married and having kids are real, that DOESN’T make them heterosexual, they are, at the very least bi. It’s crazy you have all this hard evidence of they engaging in (very) homosexual behavior yet you are inclined to believe they’re straight because, well, they say so, so of course it has to be true.

    1. Maybe he’s the answer to Zach’s BI post about the up and comer who claims to be straight but is actually gay?

      He sure looks hot in that hotel staff uniform.

        1. The BI doesn’t specify for which studio the up and comer works. Unless Zach revealed that info somewhere else than on the actual BI.

          Of course I don’t insist my guess being right, I just don’t see the Next Door Exclusive clue in the BI.

          Here’s the BI I meant:

          –Which up and coming gay-for-pay porn star is secretly a big time homosexual in real life, but thinks presenting himself as a douchey gay-for-payer will get him “mad blog entries and haters,” which he thinks will in turn lead to more work?

          1. You don’t honestly believe any of those were real, do you? I mean, gay porn stars who are “secretly black”?? LOL!

          2. Lol you know you’re wrong, Zach “discovered” Johnny after the scene with the twins, and he posted the questions before the post on that scene.

            Anyway, all these “submissive” twinks always end up being straight, remember Kurt Wild?

  20. Men.com is the gay version of Brazzers, also owned by Manwin. So it’s no surprise they’re the same genre, namely the combination of sex with violence. Ironically, that’s one of the very things that is frowned upon under Canadian law, which is where Manwin is headquarted.

  21. Slightly OT, but has Alencar had ass implants? I just d’loaded the scene to see the pretty little bitch being faux-raped, but all I can concentrate on are Alencar’s MASSIVE ass cheeks. They were never as big as that before, surely?

    Oh, and who’s the prison guard in the scene? He’s dick drippingly hawt.

    1. Rafael has always had those ass implants for a few years now. You have to catch his earlier work, like the stuff he did for Kristen Bjorn to see his original ass. The man is all fake you can tell he’s had ass implants, chest implants, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had anything done with his arms. He has this weird way of looking like he’s fit but that he also doesn’t spend time at the gym either.

  22. Rape scenes can be disturbing to watch, unless they involve heavily tattooed Russian felons, which would be indisputably hot, IF I could find anything like that which I can’t cause everybody ELSE gets porn that caters to their fantasies, everybody else but ME…There’s gay porn, straight porn, tranny porn, twinks, jocks, groups, orgies, fisting, feet, food, toys, piss and piss-plus, bondage, S&M, midgets…yes, there’s even fucking MIDGET PORN for chrissakes!…but is there one, just ONE stinking video with a Russian covered in those blue-black prison tats? No. And don’t show me links from Russian Rape videos, cause I’ve looked, and all they have are regular Russian guys with regular tattooes like you’d get in any tattoo parlor…
    I don’t mean to rant, but I am not being served by the porn community, and that’s just not right. I cannot be the only one out here with this particular little fetish, so where’s MY porn?
    Anyway, the boy is cute. I could have lived without the close-up view of his colon, but the fingers stretching the mouth pic was funny.
    But I’m still waiting for mine…I want a rangy, hard-bodied Russian covered in blue-black Madonnas and onion-domed churches, who smells of cigarettes and vodka and barks orders in his guttural Slavic tongue as he runs his heavily inked hands all over the…oh, what’s the use?
    I hate porn.

  23. The funny thing about men.com is that if you go to say 8 tube (same straight company owns them as men.com) you will see verbatim the same scenes directed in the same violent way towards women. Since the men.com director (a straight women) has no idea what turns on gay men she just copies the exact same scenes that the same company does on their straight side verbatim. Of course they hire a straight person to direct these gay scenes and not a gay person. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with gay men in management roles as many straight adult companies are…but they have no problem taking our money.

    1. Well i’d say they have a great idea of what hot porn is , regardless of the gender/orientation.
      Gay porn is often very lame , as you may have noticed . Men.com has something to bring to the table at least .
      And they use condoms.
      Kudos to them and please get off your high horse :)

  24. Probably something like this:

    Men.com: What name do you want to use?
    Johnny: I thought maybe Johnny Rapid.
    Men.com: Rapid sounds like raped. Hey! How about if we do a rape scenario?
    Johnny: Will you pay me extra?

  25. Shut up you nelly bottoms. That close up is hot. I love the gape. Nice to see more gay porn that caters to tops who love ass and enjoy seeing an attractive bottom who can really take it. Never understood why the girls in straight porn get fucked harder than the guys in gay porn. More More More.

  26. Johnny Rapid is just too damn cute to rough up! Power fuck yes!… Twinks are not my type, but he is the exception! The pic of him in the waiters uniform gives me the shivers(the GOOD kind!)

    Those gaping close ups give me the shivers(not the good kind).

    I used to be sort of fascinated by the rough sex scenes, even somewhat aroused. That is until a good friend of mine was actually raped. The resulting devastation she endures affects me deeply. Now, I simply cannot watch, without thinking of her.

  27. What is with the attraction to the medical quality open anus shots we keep seeing on this site…? I just don’t get the excitement in them. The kids cute, but it just turns me off.

  28. He is a little cutie.. though I could do without the extreme close up. MEN has had some hot match ups and def looks like a decent enough sight.

  29. Just wondering – where did Rapid come from?
    Did he appear on any other website before becoming MEN’s uber-victim?

    I find it quite amazing how MEN have found themselves someone who is not only incredibly cute but also acts the part well and has managed to stand out from the crowd.

    1. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

      Erik Rhodes says:
      February 24, 2012 at 5:15 pm
      damn, good for him!!!

      Nice to see someone else’s insides hanging out!


      idk y but ur comment cracked me up. lol

      :D thanks for that.



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