Would You Ever Use A Candle As A Sex Toy?

You’ve seen Sir Charlie make his studio debut in NakedSword Originals’ Global Entry: South Africa, but now, it’s time to bring it all the way back to when we were first introduced to this versatile performer on the Discretion Advised podcast.

For this throwback post, we’re revisiting some spicy tidbits we learned about Sir Charlie during his May 2023 episode of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast. Appearing alongside fellow newcomer Danny Steele, this interview had hosts Marc MacNamara, who directs the Global Entry series, and John Hill questioning Charlie on everything from the strangest object he’s ever used as a sex toy to the number of people’s nudes in his phone.

For his unconventional sex toy, Charlie spilled to Marc that he’s actually used a candle in the past. More specifically, he used a thin candle – not a three-wick as John suggests – that remained unlit while in use. (PSA: This is not an endorsement to shove a candle up your ass. Sounds messy and like it will break off inside of you. Please use an actual sex toy.)

In the same interview, Charlie was asked to reveal just how many different people’s nude photos he currently had on his phone, but the Global Entry model told the podcast audience that he may just have too many nudes to count! By his estimation, he has over a hundred people’s pics on his cell.

“I’ve been single for six years, so a lot, yes,” joked the shirtless star.

Catch the full interview below to learn more about Charlie’s candle play, his XXX-rated camera roll, and plenty more. Then, be sure to click over to NakedSword.com where you can see Charlie in action as he takes on a 9-inch cock and later jumps into a flip-fucking threesome.



2 thoughts on “Would You Ever Use A Candle As A Sex Toy?”

  1. No because the anal cavity does get warmed up fast and the candle will melt. Better off using a cucumber. I know when I was in my teens my sister had a vibrating ink pen. I used it on my ass. She asked if I seen it and said no she prolly lost it….From then on looked for vibrating dildos w/ the vibes in the tip of the dildo and not the base.

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