Someone Actually Hired Him: Dawson Riley Returns To The World Of “circus clowns and animals”

Brain tumor survivor and “gay all the way” Dawson Riley, who is/was married to a woman with (at least) one child, will return to gay porn for Chi Chi LaRue’s Channel 1 Releasing. That’s if you consider a webcam show a “return” and if you consider masturbation “gay porn.”

The solo show is scheduled for April 4th, and in it Riley will “take requests and questions from fans.” LOL!

There’s a lot of well liked porn stars (not to mention aspiring porn stars) with better bodies and bigger dicks who would be willing to jerk off for a few hundred dollars (or less!). There are also a lot of porn stars who haven’t already retired, leaving behind a tirade of tweets calling members of the gay porn industry “clowns and animals.” So, no one at C1R can honestly expect anyone to see hiring Dawson Riley as anything more than a stunt. And that’s fine! A stunt is a stunt. And like I said, “[i]f any studio does hire him, I’ll be sure to cover it here and give them the attention they obviously want.”

So what do you guys think, you guys!? Will you pay to watch Dawson Riley masturbate?



21 thoughts on “Someone Actually Hired Him: Dawson Riley Returns To The World Of “circus clowns and animals””

  1. All these comments just come across as things said by a scorned ex lover. Sounds like Josh Griffin is still a bitter old queen and wants everyone to know it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all or most of the negative comments on here came from her. And even if its not… Its PORN for christs sake people… Why do you care so much?

    1. Joker, why did YOU care so much to comment? Blaming Josh Griffin for Dawson’s thrashing of the industry he’s trying to make a “comeback” in puts you in the same insane matrix as Dawson himself.

    2. LOL… Sorry, this isn’t Josh Griffin there Joker… I’m much smarter than him. I would have seen through Dawson’s pathetic con of him and NOT dated his straight ass. Griffin is smart in the sense that he has not commented on this pathetic attempt to re-enter porn

  2. zach your right on target on this one. channel one is hurting huge and bring back drama is attempt to get peeps to watch the show. dont be surprised if jason s doesnt promote it to save that show. stay strong zach chi chi larue will now probably host the show and give away dvds to save that show.

  3. LOL!! Career?! 4 scenes with Randy does not constitute a career there Jason. You are so deluded Jason it’s not even funny. Since when is it your job to be the cheerleader for this fat, out of shape, lazy POS that isn’t smart enough to get a real job to support his wife and kids? He is an awful example and is not a ‘porn star’ by ANY stretch of the imagination. Prove us all wrong Dawson and ‘Dirty Boyz’ and let’s see a current pic. Something taken within the last 24 hours, not a 2 year old one that is Photoshopped by C1R.

  4. I love how you have nothing but nasty things to say about Dawson Riley. Zach you are just upset
    that it took forever for ugly Diesel Washington to get work. Since you two are BFF’s and all.
    Don’t be mad that Dawson is smoking hot! Porn is about sex. That is all. Stop trying to get into
    this 20 something year old’s personal life. You constantly try and ruin this guys career. I would
    laugh my a** off if he got a restraining order against you for slander and you couldn’t say a damn
    thing about his career.

    1. This is to Jason….

      I’m ugly??? Perfect example how faceless drones talk shit online. Jason u dont know Me and it took Me forever to get work because I’m outspoken about the problems that gay porn has been facing lately. I would gladly sit out another year to prove a point how Bad gay porn has gotten.

      Anyway thanks again Jason, its people like you that keep my career going and going. Unlike Dawson I LOVE this industry and I give back to it anytime I can. I do porn not for the money, I do porn for the bragging rights. I love fucking hot boys and having it filmed so I can always go back when I’m 60 and say “I used to be the Man”

      Dawson however and others like him only look at gay porn as a quick pay check. Sad to say the Buck stops here though, fans are not putting up with the bullshit anymore and they are quickly weeding out the GAY4PAYERS. It seems to be the new movement BRING BACK GOOD GAY PORN!!

  5. Is anyone the least bit surprised that Chi Chi is the only one who’s lined up work for this freak? I’m just wondering what took him/her (it) so long?!

  6. @WeHo Watcher I have been wondering about what Dawson looks like as EVERY SINGLE picture of him on his twitter and FB is from 2 years ago.

    Zach I think its your duty to get us new picture of what Dawson REALLY looks like now.

  7. Hmmm…you guys are nothing but a bunch of bitter queens. Unless you’re in the porn industry nobody has any idea what things this guy has said. People only want to see the sex. What he says on his tweets or in his private life has nothing to do with his work. Idiots.

    1. Uh Nick we DID see what “this guy said” with his twitter messages and him and his wife’s/sockpuppet friends posts on the Unizipped site about how they were leaving porn forever and Dawson and Alicia were going to get married, breed like rabbits, and live happily ever after. Guess it hasn’t quite worked out they way they wanted it to. His “work” wasn’t all that remarkable and if WeHo Watcher is correct, I doubt you will see much more of Dawson Riley.

      Big surprise, after claiming he wasn’t married recently, yes indeed he is still hitched and a daddy of two. Fake brain tumors, fake sexual orientation, etc…. Dawson is the Jason Crystal of 2011.

  8. Good-looking guy, but I’m surprised the industry would take him back after the bridges he’s seemed to burn. It also seems kind of uneventful to have him just masturbate as the first thing he does upon his return. I might pay to see him bottom, but not just to masturbate. There are plenty of Mark Dalton videos for that.

  9. I truly hope Chi Chi has seen recent pictures of Dawson before going on this gamble. I saw him attempt to comeback to the stage as a gogo dancer a couple weeks back in AZ… Let’s just say this boy has let himself go! I guess having a tumor, brain cloud, whatever gave this wanna be the freedom to kick back and swill beer while watching TV. He is a shadow of his former self and we all know the camera adds 20 lbs… Maybe Chi Chi is producing a series of lap-band PSAs and needs someone for a ‘before’ testimonial.

    Furthermore, Dawson’s appearance/dancing was far from being a gay boy back out on the town or back on stage. He was awkward and did not even attempt to be social. No flirting with anyone. Not even an attempt at hustling for that additional dollar in the undies he had to have put on with the assistance of a shoe horn. The hostess, Mandi BoomBoom looked less than thrilled with his behavior and appearance. It was really sweet of her to put this ‘straight in gay clothing’ up for the night… I think it’s out of pity… That and he does have a wife and kids at home to feed.

    Needless to say, I think Chi Chi is making a mistake here. First of all she’s using pics of Dawson for the marketing of this venture, that are 2 years old!!! Isn’t Jason Sechrest C1Rs marketing guy? Should he have not caught this before it being released?! Next, it’s kind of a slap in the face to Josh Griffin, in a way, but she’s in the business to make money an the more scuttle out there raising people’s interest to watch is what she does best… However, if I want to watch a tubby kid masturbate, I’ll just go to gaytube.

  10. Oh, this is a secondhand embarrassment buffet. Isn’t this sort of thing the porn equivalent of working the mailroom?

  11. He should have minced his words more carefully now that he’s having to eat them. I actually would watch the webshow to see him get his comeupance. A maxim he never seemed to learn is “Be careful who you insult on the way up, because you will see them again on the way down”.

  12. First, in answer to you question, “No, I won’t but some of the more delusional and self loathing among us will.”

    Second, His head has been Photoshopped onto another body in that image. If he is doing live chat then I hope he is ready for the vitriol likely to be dripping from a lot of the comments.

  13. 1. I think Dawson Riley thinks hes much bigger than he actually is and i do believe its a stunt seeing that Dawson Riley’s ex Josh Griffen worked for Chi Chi and Ch1–why else would Chi Chi take him on if Dawson burned Josh so badly.

    2. At least Randy Blue had enough self-respect to avoid hiring such a manic train wreck after Dawson abruptly left Randy Blue and calling Randy’s and Chi Chi’s industry a joke.

    3. Hiring Dawson Riley back to any gay porn studio is equivalent to giving Eminem a GLAAD award. Its wrong and demoralizing.

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