‘Assassin’:Guns, Dicks, Music, And A Caged Bird

Take some of the most well-endowed men in gay porn, the most gorgeous videography I’ve seen this year, a song that sounds like something Ark Music Factory might have produced, wash it down with a brooding glass of botox, and you’ve got the beautiful yet eardrum slaughtering music video for Michael Lucas’ Assassin that–sorry Ari Gold–is best watched with the sound off.

While the amount of autotune in “Make My Ears Bleed” “Make My Body Rock” makes it sound like Rebecca Black was singing “Friday” acapella, the video does accomplish what it was created to do: successfully promote the first gay porn blockbuster of the year.

Lots of guns, blood, Michael Lucas, and a bird:



But don’t let the song distract from what really matters–the men you’ll be jacking to.

Steven Daigle, who’s just darling in tighty whities:

Drew Cutler:

Rafael Alencar:

Adam Killian:

And Brad Star, who somehow just keeps getting hotter and hotter:

Meet the other half of the cast and watch (or order a copy of) Assassin here.


9 thoughts on “‘Assassin’:Guns, Dicks, Music, And A Caged Bird”

  1. He really is getting hotter. Though, there’s something very endearing about the softness of his musculature. I hope he doesn’t cut-up too much like the cookie-cutter porn stars.

    I might be a chubby chaser.

  2. Brad Star is totally and completely beautiful, especially in these pics. I’m insanely jealous of anyone who gets to have sex with him. (Especially anyone who tops him).

  3. I don’t find the song that bad.

    While I don’t find Michael Lucas himself very appealing I believe he releases some of the best condom-porn movies of today.

  4. Looks like a great movie, although something about Michael Lucas just irritates me.
    Oh and I agree, Brad Star is most definitely getting hotter.

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