Cannot Unsee/Presented Without Comment: Perez Hilton’s In Touch Weekly Photo Shoot



29 thoughts on “Cannot Unsee/Presented Without Comment: Perez Hilton’s <em>In Touch Weekly</em> Photo Shoot”

  1. I love that he is using one of Valarie Cherish’s poses for her “Be Yoga” cover. I also love the fact that for “In Touch” this is considered to be an “exclusive.”

  2. Perez is a reformed HUGE SLUT back in his NYC days….horrible fame whore who made a fortune being a rude cunt and DESTROYING peoples careers….I hope he dies broke, fat and in the gutter….disgusting person no matter how much he is tryin to redeem himself now and be the new Perez “Lite” version wheres hes just catty, not mean…all after he almost got his ass thrown in jail for showin a pic of Miley Cyrus pussy…COWARD, DOUCHBAG, FAT PIG.

  3. Gotta admit, he doesn’t look half bad. I once saw a guy in a speedo who had cellulite. I did not know that was even possible.

  4. even after all that weight gone she’s still an ugly bitch, inside and out. And he does more harm than good for the gay community. and lol @ Samuel Colt’s comment

  5. No matter how hard he tries to make his body look appealing he’ll be stuck forever with that very unfortunate looking face.

    I don’t like Perez, because he has obviously no integrity and can be bought, but still claims to be a spokesperson for the gay community.

    His blog is drab and boring: Press release after press release after press release. Michael K. on the other hand posts the best commentaries on his Dlisted blog.

    1. I agree , I discovered Dlisted a few weeks ago and it’s way more witty and funny than Perez’s quasi-illiterate blog , which is not even written by him anyway .

    1. Agreed. He’s created tons of bad karma for himself, and the worst thing he could think to call was “faggot”?

  6. I think he looks great Zach! I don’t follow prez…but I do remember his chubby.Did he have a bybass or just diet and exercise? Snaps for all of us that we not porn looking like a porn star! I can tell he has been working hard for that new body!!! Good for him, I hope he all the dates he can handle.

  7. Um Peter Everhard

    Who cares about Perez’s rags to riches story when the flip side of that is he made his fortune on the backs of ridicule and some truly horrible comments? Yeah its great that he allegedly has changed his tune (allegedly) but he has done so much damage to so many people, its hard to feel anything but contempt for the man.
    And what does the your dick pic comment have to do with anything? Your first comment criticizes people for being superficial and then you follow that up with a superficial attack? The only reason you would even care about that is if you are Perez himself….which wouldn’t be surprising.
    Its great he was able to lose weight and prance around in a ridiculous mankink but the reality is he is ugly on the inside and all the work on the outside means nothing without working on the inside first.

  8. You must realize what this represents …

    It is one thing for a formerly chubby guy to get to THIS POINT where he can put on skimpy swim trunks and present himself to the public for ridicule. However, what really is fucking kick-ass and an inspiration to all of us “little guys” is that ..

    This Formerly Chubby Cuban Guy, who was NOT from New York City and not sleeping with or paying off a New York Writer, managed to BLOW UP with a GOSSIP BLOG when The Fucking New York Times was actively pimping Nick Denton’s Gawker.

    And, BTW, have you actually seen Perez’s dick pic? Why don’t YOU post your dik pic next to Perez’ old dik shot for us to compare, Smarty Pants.

      1. Really? No need to be nasty to Perez Hilton? He is probably one of the foulest and nastiest people on the internet and just because he lost some weight you think people should be nice to him? He may have been able to shed off the weight but he will never lose the evil that is inside of him. He is nothing but an internet bully that deserves no respect at all.

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