I’ve used the phrase “cannot unsee” to title entries before, but never have I meant it more than how much I mean it right now. For christ’s sake, do not read any further.

Really? You’re still reading. Wow.

I’ve also used the phrase “Well, it’s come to this” when referring to stunt queen Steven Daigle each time he decided to do something to keep his name in the news. Today, it has most definitely come to this, and not only can I not unsee, I can’t anything.

Here’s Steven Daigle’s homemade scat video, shot during IML weekend in a hotel room with Drake Jaden, Element Eclipse, and, good lord, Sister Roma.

Do not, under any circumstances, push play.



  1. It’s chocolate of some form. What disturbs me the most is the self righteous, energy vampire, “look at me” soul sucking narcissism of so called porn stars. The only thing shitty here is the quality of people on this film.

  2. Daigle is just gross. I ask again, when are we going to be done with this ugly, flat assed, over the hill creep

  3. On DataLounge one of the things people do or did to flame another poster was to type “I EAT OLD PEOPLE’S EXCREMENT” then sign it as the person they were flaming. So should someone type?


    -Steven Dailge-

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with you there, English Guy. Its a bunch of industry folks letting off some steam in their hotel room on grabbys weekend and thinking that they’re being funny. Haven’t you ever done silly things with a bunch of your friends? While I don’t necessarily BUY the notion that NO substances were involved (ahem), they were having fun and nobody got hurt (and, I might add, nobody in the video is actually eating dookie!)

    In this age of scandalous secret sex tapes, I GET the joke of the evening’s Best Newcomer Winner caught in a secret sex tape eating poop. Its definitely humor (rough humor to be sure but humor, nonetheless.)

    Question though, are you claiming that its only Steven (who you don’t care for) who is “sick and self serving” while giving a pass to Drake (who you do care for)? I only ask because I’m pretty sure they were ALL in on this! Sure, SOMEONE first eyed the chocolate cake and said “wouldn’t it be funny if…” but they ALL got on board with it.

  5. I have to agree with the original poster. This is really sick and self serving. If you need attention that badly please don’t fake eating shit. Steven isn’t appealing to me. Drake Jaden is however ;)

  6. Element is one sexxxy, hott fucker. I actually got a boner from watching this, then it went away with all the laughing at the end.

    1. I have to say I think its pretty funny and kind of clever. Of course, I’m pretty on board with anything Stephen OR Roma does so take that for what its worth.

  7. No joke: I would prefer you hadn’t posted the picture. I got physically sick from it. Maybe that makes me a puss but this is one of these things where you should have left us the opportunity to decide whether we could handle it or not.

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