Dean Young Gets Fucked With A Metal Chain, Lubed Fist, & Dick-On-A-Stick

It’s here! We teased you with the first trailer for Fist First just a little over a week ago, and now, it’s already time to watch the very first fetish scene that stars international twink and Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young!

For the debut chapter of NakedSword X Club Inferno’s Fist First, we’re seeing Dean in an auto shop with Falcon’s Endless Summer hottie Trevor Brooks and When Push Comes To Shove fister Mat Wolff. Instead of servicing the nearby cars though, the men instead begin servicing each other’s cocks in the middle of the greasy garage with Dean’s naked body quickly becoming mounted on top of a hard and horny Mat.

It’s then that this threesome gets kinky af with Mat opening up Dean’s hole so it can take everything from a finger to his bareback cock, a dick-on-a-stick, and even a lengthy metal chain. This, of course, all leads up to Dean’s smooth hole being stretched out enough that it’s able to take a fist and we’re able to witness Dean’s first-ever on-screen prostate punching.

This is just the latest scene we’ve seen from Dean and the many studios under the Falcon | NakedSword umbrella over the past few months. Ever since signing on as an exclusive model with the studio group earlier this year, Dean has appeared in loads of bareback projects like the Falcon’s Endless SummerMake It Last, and Summer Flings. Plus, he’s even starred in a couple of amateur videos under NakedSword’s Private Collection label.

This work on Fist First is obviously the most hardcore out of all those though, but we honestly love seeing the kinkier side of this Irish superstar. Who knew he could take a fist, chain, and dick stick?! Take a look below and see for yourself:

Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever been fisted? Fucked with a dick-on-a-stick? How about a metal chain in your hole? Let us know in the comments below and to watch this entire first scene from Fist First, click on over to!

[Watch FIST FIRST ft. Dean Young, Trevor Brooks, & Mat Wolff]


18 thoughts on “Dean Young Gets Fucked With A Metal Chain, Lubed Fist, & Dick-On-A-Stick”

  1. Universal Potentate

    The only thing I could ask for is Dean to get double fucked and double bred! THAT would be awesome.

  2. He’s hot as it gets!! I bet the people hating are all just old and bitter cause he’s everything they wanted to be at his age!

  3. I know Dean Young personally, he is as sweet in real life as he is on camera, His hole is super tasty, and he’s so down to earth, those who abuse him cos he is a pornstar are jealous lowlives

    1. “I know Dean Young personally” I call bullshit. People don’t come onto porn studio blogs to talk about how “super tasty” their friend’s hole is.

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