Who Has the Hotter Accent: Dean Young or MrDeepVoice?

Last year, MrDeepVoice (aka Thomas Johnson) took to social media to have a voice-off with Derek Kage, and we were all winners. But that’s not the only performer combo that can make us squirt just by talking!

In the latest installment of Men.com’s “Joey’s Surf Vacation” series, handsome Englishman Thomas is joined by sexy Irishman Dean Young, and I’m in heaven just listening to them. So is Joey Mills, who (having just flipped with Dean) sticks around and listens to them get frisky, jacking his big dick as he watches (much like Dean jacked off while watching Joey get fucked by Troy Daniels in the opening scene of the series) before leaving the two at it.

Dean Young, MrDeepVoice Dean Young, MrDeepVoice

Dean Young, MrDeepVoice Dean Young, MrDeepVoice

And the start of the action is intriguing, as Dean plants his cute face in MrDeepVoice’s hole…making me wonder if we’re going to see Dean top again! But Thomas then flips the script as he fingers and licks Dean back, then pounds him from behind before Dean gets on his back. But the hottest shot has Dean sitting down on the top’s uncut slab and riding it (and he also looks gorgeous wrapping his lips around that shaft!).

Dean Young, MrDeepVoice Dean Young, MrDeepVoice

Dean Young, MrDeepVoice Dean Young, MrDeepVoice

After squirting, Dean jacks off the hunk and licks up his cum. Whose voice gets you harder: Dean or Deep? (There is no wrong answer!)

See the full scene at Men.com!


11 thoughts on “Who Has the Hotter Accent: Dean Young or MrDeepVoice?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Not the best angles. Only one shot of Dean’s hole.
    But the idea of that evolving into a threesome is hot!
    Just get a better director/cameraman.

  2. nothing about “body shaming”…but this Dean “Young” have minimum 10, 12 kilos to much on his ugly hipps…now…..perhaps stopping drinking?..he looks not that healthy anymore..

    1. Botox and plastic surgery are one thing, but you’re denigrating his appearance (which is already slender and aspirational for most men, I’d say) by saying he needs to lose as much as 25 pounds? That’s insane, encourages eating disorders, and way more unhealthy than whatever you think he’s doing right now around his diet.

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