Dean Young, Kyle Fox

Just Dean Young Looking Sexy AF in His Kilt and Socks

I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t kilts Scottish? And isn’t Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young Irish?” Actually, the internet tells me that kilts—while originating in the Highlands of Scotland—are also long-established in Irish culture (the more you know!).

But really, who cares? Dean looks delicious in a kilt, and it turns out he’s hiding a few surprises under it. All of that helps me overlook the fact that we get more of that grandma chick because can’t help itself as its “Royally Fucked” series continues. Turns out this is an actual recurring story, following up on the debut featuring trouble-making prince Sir Peter fucking the waiter as the Queen of Wherever watches aghast and helps lower our boner.

Dean Young, Kyle Fox Dean Young, Kyle Fox

Dean Young, Kyle Fox Dean Young, Kyle Fox

As the story continues, we’re supposed to believe that Sir Peter wants to get out of the wedding to Dean that his royal mom per-arranged? (As if anyone wouldn’t want to marry Dean?!) Seriously, Sir…we saw you fuck him good in that GayVN Award-nominated scene from Falcon, and we saw you get off watching Dean ride Felix Fox, so we know you two would be amazing as a couple!

Dean Young, Kyle Fox Dean Young, Kyle Fox

Dean Young, Kyle Fox Dean Young, Kyle Fox

Anyway, Sir Peter pawns off Dean to bearded Brazilian hottie Kyle Fox, making his debut after spending most of his studio career at Kristin Bjorn and Lucas Entertainment. The Sir hopes mom will see Dean “cheating” and thus end the engagement. Which means we get to see more of her in this scene, once again distracting us from yet another of the industry’s hottest men. But Dean looks so cute in his uniform—and showing off that butt plug he’s wearing underneath before getting fucked by Kyle. And that alone is enough to make us overlook being all

Speaking of kilts, how about seeing Sean Austin in one next, preferably in a scene with Dean as they both get manhandled by Sir Peter? (That way we could decide once and for all: Who Bottoms Better: The Scottish or the Irish?)

See the full scene at!


12 thoughts on “Just Dean Young Looking Sexy AF in His Kilt and Socks”

  1. His scene with Billy Essex was brilliant. But sorry, MEN.COM is a pile of shit. It’s overtly camp and more like an English pantomime, and its insistence of using women in many of the scenes is sickening. I feel for the poor lads who have to be naked and even aroused in these scenes with the cliched; caught naked by a woman.

    Years ago MEN.COM was worthy of the subscription. Today it has lost its way.

    As for young Dean. I don’t think he has done anything more to his face.

    1. I feel more pity for him, so young and handsome and he still isn’t happy with how his face looks. Putting all that filler is just so telling and upsetting that he doesn’t find himself attractive enough with out it

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