michael del ray pierce paris flip fuck

Michael Del Ray’s Best Turn As A Top?

Michael Del Ray & Pierce Paris are each “Looking For The Big One”. They found them when they found each other. The question is, when did Michael find the beast mode he unleashes on Paris today?

Addison Blue had the same quest last week. After meeting up with JJ Knight, Addison did one better than meet a big one. He got walloped by one.

With Michael Del Ray and Pierce Paris this week, from an equipment point of view, it’s a large — and even — playing field today. A playing field ripe for deep, sweaty a flip fuck.

michael del ray pierce paris flip fuckWhen Pierce Hartman turned up as Pierce Paris in Falcon’s “Code of Silence” earlier this summer, he laid claim to Kyle McMillan’s hole. Then he ran a train on Bruno Bernal along with Michael Roman in “Gaymers”. We’ve seen Michael Del Ray top and bottom. We’ve yet to see Paris give it up. Yet. And we’ve never seen Michael fuck like this.

michael del ray pierce paris flip fuckA big dick is just decorative if their owners don’t know how to use them. That is not the case today. A sixty-nine was a no-brainer. If they could have fucked each other at the same time, they sure as hell would have.

michael del ray pierce paris flip fuckThis isn’t a one-off moment. This is just one small segment of a multi-position anal assault at this same velocity that goes on for five-plus minutes.

michael del ray pierce paris flip fuckDo onto others … when it’s Paris’ turn, he goes balls deep right into Michael. Michael is panting. Paris is beet red and sweaty. And when form meets function, it’s conjunction junction. Before Michael’s finishes blasting his load, Paris has already started unloading his. No wonder everyone is “Looking For The Big One”.

[Watch Michael & Paris in “Looking For The Big One” scene two at Falcon]


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