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[UPDATED] Watch As Trenton Ducati Calls Out AHF Shill Rod Daily

Don’t be fooled folks … Rod Daily is not on our side …

Let’s be clear. The fact that former gay-for-pay performer Rod Daily and his porn star girlfriend Cameron Bay contracted HIV are sad and regrettable. As you will see in the original post immediately below, there was tremendous fall-out that extended far beyond Daily and Bay. This included both lawsuits and an industry-wide shooting moratorium.

Let’s also be clear. Rod Daily worked in condom-only studios. Bay’s studios required screening. Wherever they got it, it wasn’t on the set of a porn film. It was somewhere with no testing protocols. Escorting perhaps?

That entire matter came up at the hearing today. Daily was singing the AHF theme song. Then Trenton Ducati called him out …

DAILY: “Nobody wants any performer to move out of California. Nobody wants anyone to shoot unsafe. I strongly support this bill. I strongly support condoms and testing together.”

DUCATI: “On the Rod Daily issue, the root of this whole movement. Joshua was an active escort with an unfortunate meth addiction when he was supposedly infected on the set. Joshua was not telling the truth. I was good friends with him and have text messages on this phone where he admits he wasn’t sure where he contracted HIV.”

A committee member then stopped Trenton when the only thing that should have been stopped was Rod Daily wearing that suit. But then again, most douche bags are a shade of coral aren’t they?

Regardless of the circumstances, Michael Weinstein and AHF made Rod Daily the poster child of “big evil porn.” Daily and Bay were brought in to testify in favor of the law at the AB1576 hearing in back in 2014. The bill’s main supporter, in addition to L.A. Assemblyman Isadore Hall, was the AHF.

So there he shows up at the hearing today. Looking to be “Donald Trump” to suck up all of the oxygen with his tale of woe underwritten by the AHF.

Adult performer and gay for pay escort turned industry nemesis Rod Daily shows up with his baby. Says "Don't take my picture dude."

As for what he’s toting in the basket, no, it’s not a little dog. It’s a sympathy magnet his girlfriend’s baby. At first glance, I thought it might have been Toto. Then I remembered, Rod is no real friend of Dorothy’s. He just played one on TV.

[Original Post Aug 12, 2015]

Somehow I missed this tidbit, but last week former porn models Rod Daily and Cameron Bay both filed civil suits against their former studio,, related to the 2013 scandal in which both of them turned out to be HIV positive. CEO Peter Acworth said at the time that it appeared “Rod gave it to Cameron” in the course of their off-screen sexual relationship, but it was never clear where and how Rod got the virus — Kink has maintained it could not have been on set because in addition to rigorous testing, all the gay shoots Rod did for the studio were with condoms.

The incident led to an industry-wide shooting moratorium, and a change to the guidelines about testing, making tests now mandatory for all active adult performers every 14 days.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its grim reaper Michael Weinstein immediately seized on the news and held a teary press conference with Daily and Bay in September 2013, and the current suits appear to be funded by AHF as well — AHF, of course, has been constantly campaigning for several years for condoms on all porn shoots in California.

A spokesperson for Kink now says, “The lawsuits… are so illegitimate as to be offensive, avoiding science altogether for emotional arguments about HIV, sex work and BDSM. At times, it reads less like a lawsuit and more like a statement from the Pat Buchanan or the Westboro Baptist Church, in which AIDS is retribution for immoral behavior.”

Though it seems clear that Bay likely did contract the virus from off-screen sex with Daily, her suit alleges she could have been exposed to set, describing a time she was exposed to blood “after one male performer rammed his penis so hard into her mouth that the head of it got cut on her wisdom tooth.”

Meanwhile, Kink contends that all of Bay’s on-screen partners tested HIV-negative both before and after her positive test result.

Then there’s Daily’s suit, which as XBIZ reports

Daily’s suit claims that Kink and directors Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys and Tomcat — all named as defendents in the claim — also didn’t follow proper protocols over exposure to blood on the set.

Daily, who was said to have performed exclusively in gay and TS scenes during his porn career, claimed he shot for Kink on three occasions, including for the websites,, and

On one shoot in August 2013, Daily said that he engaged in both oral and anal sex despite that he earlier requested condoms be used during the shoot that involved a transgender female.

“At the end of the shoot, the transgender performer ejaculated in [Daily’s] eye,” the suit said. “Plaintiff alerted defendant Tomcat of this. Instead of following proper protocol associated with exposure to bloodborne pathogens, plaintiff was handed a towel and nothing more.”

In their press release, Kink calls Daily’s allegations ridiculous as well. “He cites an eye splash of semen during the shoot as the source of his infection, neglecting both that the performer he worked with was HIV-negative, and that in all of the scientific literature, there is exactly one case of HIV being transmitted through an eye splash, and that was in a lab setting.”

Anyway, we all saw this coming.



12 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Watch As Trenton Ducati Calls Out AHF Shill Rod Daily”

  1. I think the whole thing is bogus. Check out the Padian study. While youre at it, check out the AMAJ’s only to find you can have 68 different diseases and any will trip the HIV wire without you actually having HIV. Guess what else these tests show pos results in? Pregnant women, and women who have had children. Why? Because their bodies have higher levels of antibodies due to the fact that only have the baby holds her DNA, her body attempts to protect itself from the father’s DNA. These facts can all be found in the American Medical Associations own Journals.

  2. “..all the gay shoots Rod did for the studio were with condoms.” I take it from this that Kink did not test for HIV on Rod’s gay shoots. Why not? Wouldn’t it just be common sense to screen everyone for it even with condoms? In one sentence they refer to mandatory tests but in the next there are no tests for HIV.

  3. While Trenton may bring up a good point, does it have to come from that asshat? He was part of the duckface scandal where it was revealed that they did no testing and they paired up models according to their HIV status. And there were rumors that Tate Ryder infected Trenton with HIV, rumors believed to have been started by Trenton himself. It’s kind of hard to believe Tate giving Trenton HIV considering that Trenton spent years being a meth junkie.

  4. “the only thing that should have been stopped was Rod Daily wearing that suit. But then again, most douche bags are a shade of coral aren’t they?” You’re pretty funny dude – where they been hiding you? Btw – aren’t’ most douchebags really more puice than coral?

  5. It’s important that Trenton made that statement. It’s likewise important to realize that Rod Daily is 100% heterosexual … because no gay man would be caught dead wearing a jacket like that.

    1. “Rod Daily is 100% heterosexual … because no gay man would be caught dead wearing a jacket like that.”

      FALSE! Full-gay Jimmy Durano wore this abomination at the 2013 Grabbys. And look at the jacket Rod Daily is wearing!

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