Who Made a Cumback at Sean Cody?

It’s not a cumback, it’s a return, so let’s just cut to Chase.

After two and one-half years, Chase returns to Sean Cody. Don’t beat yourself up if the name or even the face doesn’t jog your memory. Chase did a solo in March of 2013 and was back a few weeks later to get blown by Cameron. That September he fucked Randy and vanished. Until today.

Wilson definitely wasn’t what Sean Cody has been needing. Chase, on the other hand …

sean cody chase
There’s no “Pornback” picture because Chase looks just the same: uber-fit, a reliable dick, and an ass that’s a crime to be just decorative. The designated hole today is Porter. Porter isn’t the kind of guy you’d want to date. But he is the kind of very able bottom that you just nail with as few words exchanged as possible.

sean cody chase
Fortunately, Porter’s mouth is kept busy with Chase’s dick until he takes a seat. Just look at Porter’s dick go thwap, thwap, thwap. Even better, Chase is just as hard and they both stay that way.

sean cody chase
Porter stays in place while Chase uses those powerful glutes to thrust up into him. There’s not a great variety of positions but the quality of the penetration shots from each one are more than fap-worthy.

sean cody chase
Porter blows two big loads. For his first, Chase creams Porter’s hole then Porter becomes a human ATM, swings around and licks Chase’s dick clean. For his encore, Chase deliver’s Porter a creampie. Quite a cumback. Chase, don’t a stranger.

[Watch “Porter & Chase: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Abe has cumback. Now Chase. Which Sean Cody model(s) do you want to see return next?

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