What Secret Are Isaac X & Alpha Wolfe Hiding?

For all the (well-deserved) grief we give Men.com for it’s small but obnoxious stable of on-screen women, there’s another studio that frequently casts ladies…but presents a tone at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Instead of women gasping as they see dudes fuck in their kitchen, or the airplane, or the library, or the steam room, or the yoga class, or the art gallery or (dear lord help us) the funeral, we get much more sincere portrayals in serious stories that have the exact opposite effect—making us feel sympathy for the unsuspecting wife who’s world is about to be turned upside down. Such is the case in the latest from the studio, “What He Hides.”

Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe

Much of the opening story is shown through the lens of a wife (Siri Dahl) who finds her husband Alpha Wolfe‘s secret stash of gay porn, and realizes that he’s probably having an affair with those sports buds he’s always hanging out with—namely Isaac X, who shows up unexpectedly at their home to drop something off.

Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe

That all leads to the actual sex, where the two takes turns sucking and fucking each other—my favorite shots with both of them sitting down on each other, the bottom’s cock nice and stiff as they bounce up and down. If you’re not a fan of all the story, it’s easy enough to fast-forward to the sex in these scenes (most of Disruptive’s scenes run long, so you’re still left with a good portion of dick action; this one is 42 minutes). These are two pros in action, and are always fun to watch regardless of the setup.

Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe Isaac X, Alpha Wolfe

I personally enjoy the different take on porn that Disruptive offers, even if some of the scenes go a little too far or make make me feel bad for these women (something Men.com could never do). Do you like these dramatic featurettes?

See the full scene at Disruptive Films!


3 thoughts on “What Secret Are Isaac X & Alpha Wolfe Hiding?”

  1. I do like this site BUT if they continue to use women in there scenes i will end up canceling my membership just like i did with Men.com
    For me I do not want to see women AT ALL …..Im joining these sites to see men fuck i prefer scenes with a storyline that doesnt include women

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