GLAAD Celebrates L.A. Pride Where Lesbians Are Referred To As “Dykes”

This Friday marks the beginning of another L.A. Pride weekend, and the official kick off event is the L.A. Pride-sponsored “Dyke March” down Santa Monica Blvd. Also marching at L.A. Pride? GLAAD.

That would be the same GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) that lists “dyke” as a derogatory term akin to “faggot,” “tranny” and “shim” in their Media Reference Guide:

“fag,” “faggot,” “dyke,” “homo,” “sodomite,” “she-male,” “he-she,” “it,” “shim,” “tranny” and similar epithets: The criteria for using these derogatory terms should be the same as those applied to vulgar epithets used to target other groups: they should not be used except in a direct quote that reveals the bias of the person quoted. So that such words are not given credibility in the media, it is preferred that reporters say, “The person used a derogatory word for a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person.”

There haven’t been–and rest assured, there will not be–any calls from GLAAD asking Pride organizers or the Dyke March ladies to change the name of their dyke march. GLAAD will attend this pride festival and host their events and march in the parade and then return to their pathetic, self-serving, worthless, and completely transparent methods that include calling the parties and award shows that they throw for straight celebrities an “alliance against defamation” in order to hang out with those straight celebrities and, most importantly, keeping themselves rolling in money by way of donations–donations that GLAAD receives every time they issue a “Take Action” alert after someone famous uses a derogatory word to describe a gay person. Take Action alerts, for example, like the one GLAAD issued in 2009 when talk radio slob Rush Limbaugh made a juvenile joke about flooding on the Red River in Fargo, North Dakota by using a word whose homonym is a derogatory word used to describe gay people. The word, of course, was “dike.”


7 thoughts on “GLAAD Celebrates L.A. Pride Where Lesbians Are Referred To As “Dykes””

  1. I’m sorry some of you have missed the point. Please show me the part of this article (and any article I’ve ever written on this site) where I express outrage over the use of the word “dyke” or “faggot.”

  2. We as a community are used to the double standard where it’s ok to call each other faggot or dyke while outsiders (non-members of the gay community) didn’t earn that privilege.

  3. Lesbians can call themselves dykes. But if some straight rap star called a lesbian a dyke, the GLAAD people would have a reason to protest that. Another example: if I ran into you in a gay bar and said, “Hey faggot, you are looking hot tonight!” I would be using faggot as a term of endearment (from one gay man to another), but if some straight teenagers drove by you and screamed “Faggot!” out the window, that would be an insult and potentially even hate speech.

    You might be right about GLAAD’s hidden desires to hang out with celebs, but you clearly don’t have as much of a handle on the nuance and potential power of language as you think. Stick to porn gossip and salacious rumors about the penises of the rich and famous (which you write about with some eloquence) and leave the criticism of the PC-Police to people who understand how that stuff works.

    1. Those are good examples of how a slur can be co-opted by the minority group to diminish the power of the slur. It’s a fairly common practice, even if it is not widely accepted as a good thing. (Personally, I don’t like it; but, I understand why people do it.) The inability of TheSword’s writer to recognize this is a good reason why this site should stick to porn news.

      Clearly, this post is just GLAAD bashing. But, if this blog is really concerned with anti-gay slurs like “dyke” and “faggot”, they’d start by cleaning their own house. I’m not 100% sure about who owns who, but I’m pretty sure TheSword is connected with Raging Stallion. One of Raging Stallions DVDs is titled, “Sounding #6: Wet Punk Faggot Sounding”. Should GLADD issue a “Take Action” alert about Raging Stallion?

      1. You guys are totally missing the point: He’s not taking ANYONE to task for using gay slurs — he’s taking GLAAD to task for being hypocrites. Part of what I’ve always liked about The Sword is that they don’t take sides, they just call out the hypocrisy and double standards that most people are too blind to notice or chickenshit to mention. SIRE GOT IT RIGHT!

    1. Exactly, and it’s become too boring/too easy to even bother calling them out, and they never go away…not sure why I bother.

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