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  1. ChiChi’s weight loss is not a problem for me. Never was a handsome man but if he is healthier good for him. Much more upset about how neglected his studio is. The movies have become just terrible – and that’s when they actually release some. And obviously his fine taste in models has become much … looser.

  2. Losing weight by surgical procedure tends to subtract a decade of life for every 50 pounds lost. Because of the absorption problems that accompany the surgery people that have the surgery don’t tend to smell very nice either. It’s a lose lose for the victims of this radical (but oddly normalized) medical butchery. People that get the bypass loose a lot at first then gain 50% or more of it back.

    Diet and exercise are difficult but not impossible for everyone. The person that said nothing tastes as good as thin feels, most likely has only ever eaten grass and road apples. Yet every one believes it and obese people stake their lives on it.

  3. Ah, yes, Estelle, Chi Chi does look drastically different since he made the “final girl’s” choice to start this medical transformation — and I am guessing that, like Powder, he knows that he sometimes DOES look like a freak, even if only from the Goya-esqe look in the eyes of those around him. (Though Powder had the added advantages of Carrie-like magnetic powers and killer 9-pack abs).

    It takes some courage to make a choice like that, especially for someone in the porn public’s eye, and I can only imagine how unnerving it must be in those moments when you wonder if you’ve made a horrible mistake because some days you realize you like The Chicken Lady holding a riding crop.

    But there are still unwritten chapters to this Man-She’s crazy long journey down Mt. Fat. The skin tightens a little, he feels the loving embrace of jeans around his fallopian tubes, and he finally decides to acknowledge he has real human hair, and now can reap the ultimate reward of people falling in love with the man who was always there to begin with. Even if it’s a cliché, I’d like to see that for him.

    Then again maybe it will end badly and we’ll hear how Chi Chi’s own version of Mary Steenburgen in his life chased him screaming through a moist, green meadow, only to watch him evaporate skyward in a frenzied tornado of crying doves.

    He took a risk, and he now must get to know this new person in the mirror before he can figure out what he’s gonna be. Afterall, destruction is a form of creation. Here’s hoping he will succeed.

    Now, finally, he can get around to making some porn that doesn’t bore me to fucking tears. Jeeze.

  4. I second this Asenath. As a reader I enjoy the bitchiness against someone who is clearly not … likeable, but it is too bad there are many many great performers we don’t hear about coz they just stay hot and work hard.
    How about doing interviews with actors that are not caught in some kind of silly drama, are gay and proud of it, don’t act up on Twitter and/or don’t have trouble with the justice system?

    1. At this point, I don’t even enjoy the cattiness against Dawson Riley. It’s just sad. He’s just sad. And it’s fun to poke at people who show their ass on the internet, but this is just to the point of kicking puppies. Sexually confused, sympathetic-baby-weight carrying, shorter-than-Sammy-O’Toole puppies mind you. But still.

  5. Now that we have given Dawson Riley about four times the attention he deserves, maybe we should talk about a nice, hard-working, under-the-radar kind of porn star? I am open to suggestions, though someone brought up Tucker Vaughn in another thread and I’d love to hear more about his nice-teeth-having, charmingly-overacting self. Best. Teeth. In. Porn.

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