Hilarious New Sitcom Offers Accurate, Hilarious Portrayal Of Transgendered Lifestyle

The best new television show this fall is bound to ruffle some feathers among conservative viewers, which can only mean it’s a step in the right direction for gay rights, not to mention quality television.

I haven’t seen a full episode yet, but based on the trailer below, I can pretty much guarantee that ABC’s upcoming half hour series Work It will be sweeping the GLAAD awards (if not the Emmys, too) next year. It works (no pun intended!) on multiple levels: Part lighthearted comedic romp, part social commentary, and all heart.
Audiences and critics have been craving a situation comedy that isn’t afraid to show mainstream audiences what it’s like to be a transgendered and/or transvestite (same difference, really) woman trying to make her way in corporate America today, and thanks to the whiz kids at ABC, now we’ve got one. Just the other day, a colleague and I were discussing the well-intentioned yet ahead-of-its-time 1980’s program Bosom Buddies, and how that show is now commonly looked back upon as a pivotal moment in the transgendered workplace comedy genre. “If only there were a show today that depicted drag queens as real people, not just caricatures,” my colleague remarked. “I know,” I said. “Like Bosom Buddies.”

Comedy is a hard thing to pull off, especially when you’re dealing with a sensitive issue like gender, but Work It succeeds thanks to sharp writing and believable characters. All that, plus a catchy soundtrack courtesy of the biggest transexual icon of all time, RuPaul? Chanté, Work It, you stay.


7 thoughts on “Hilarious New Sitcom Offers Accurate, Hilarious Portrayal Of Transgendered Lifestyle”

  1. Zachary….don’t you know it isn’t nice to bait those without a sarcastic tone detector. That is what STD stands for right?

  2. “transgendered and/or transvestite (same difference, really)”

    seriously? what a back ass statement to make in the year 2011! – your lack of education is not going to win a GLADD award. If you haven’t made us all take a step backwards – this show most certainly might. It does not seem to be cutting edge for the gay community or any other – rather it seems to be Benny’s Hill’s version of war of the sexes. Learning how to be dress like you wife it not going gain the Transgendered community any compassion.

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