I Receive Two Emails

Email #1:

Hi Zach,

This may not be big news to you but the Visconti triplets are not triplets. They are twins with a younger brother. Why don’t you bring this fraud out.




Email #2 (received today, two weeks later):

So you won’t report this truth of the Visconti twins or as they call themselves, triplets. Is it because your parent company will lose sales? I thought your “tip” tab was for tips but I see you don’t want to report the truth and you will not stir things up. I thought a tip was for that. I thought a good blogger who has a “tip” and gets one would report it. I guess finally someone shut you up, your parents(AEBN).



What if there’s no way to prove something like this? What if no one cares? Next thing you know, “Bob” will try and tell me that their last name isn’t really Visconti!


12 thoughts on “I Receive Two Emails”

  1. You just know “Bob” was clutching the hem of his caftan (while simultaneously brushing the cheetos dust off of his keyboard) as he dropped this little Rona Barrett bombshell. He should call Damon Kreuzer and they can really make something out of this!!

    1. Oh my, is Bob still wearing those caftans? That’s SOOOO 2009, Bob. We need to intervene on Bob’s behalf….before someone hurts him! lol

  2. It’s pretty common knowledge they weren’t really triplets. Besides, who cares, that information is hardly newsworthy.

  3. Bob and Zach,

    Allow me to put this “long time rumor” or “urban legend” to rest. I photographed the Visconti Triplets for their Fleshjack Boys campaign and in the process of doing so, I had to verify their age for record keeping requirements. This means I had to look at their passports. I can assure you that all three of them were born on the same date and same year. They are in fact Triplets 100%!

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