[Updated] Meet The WeHo Go-Go Boy Who Became A Randy Blue Model

Dreams really can come true for cute dancers aspiring to be gay porn stars, as evidenced by this cute dancer/aspiring porn star who is so cute, I don’t know whether to fantasize about tousling his cute head of hair or to simply sit here agog over his cute giant cock.

All I know is his name is “Quinn,” and he’s a go-go boy from the WeHo club scene. He is also one of those go-go boys/models who has had artsy nude photos of him floating around the Tumblrs and the Model Mayhem profiles for months. But it was yesterday that I came across (pun intended!!) two Quinn photos that looked more porny and less artsy (he was hard and he had an erection), and then today I saw some of him on a Randy Blue set, like this one below. So I put two and two together…

…and a Randy Blue rep confirmed that they had in fact recently shot Quinn, which is the best news. It was probably just a solo (to be released in the coming weeks), but maybe giving him attention will convince him to do more?? Look at him! (look at his ass). Give him attention! (in the comments). He should do more than just a solo.

UPDATE: Shows how good I am at paying attention and doing my job! His solo was already released…in March 2011. See photos and video below. (And I still want him to do more.)

[Randy Blue]

[Model Mayhem]

UPDATE: And here’s Quinn as Randy Blue’s Kurt Madison.


[Randy Blue: Kurt Madison]

55 thoughts on “[Updated] Meet The WeHo Go-Go Boy Who Became A Randy Blue Model”

  1. What an absolute piece of trash Quinn Jaxon is! He’s not all that attractive, maybe average in comparison to other male go-go dancers, at best. He is DESPERATE to raise money for some sort of project. In person, he’s not all that nice, nor friendly, in fact, he was quite rude and proved himself an ingrate for tips given! Why would anyone want to give this guy any money! Who would want to buy his pics? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

  2. Just found a whole folder of pics of Quinn in a yahoo groups photos section: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GW-II/photos/album/2027529297/pic/list
    There are some that are WAYYYY HOT!!!!! He go-go dances all over West Hollywood. I’ve asked around and he says he’s straight but no-one believes him. But I did talk to a few girls on model mayhem who say that he gets female fuck buddies all around. But I’ve also been told that he will jerk-off for guys for money. His model mayhem account has contact info about private parties like the previous message said. My hand keeps going to my cell phone so tempted to call. If I do, I’ll be sure to message again. LOL!

  3. Just to FYI for those who may be interested: on Quinn Christopher Jaxon (Kurt Madison’s) Model Mayhem page, his manager’s contact information is listed (bacchusbegins@gmail.com and it lists his phone number 323-459-1614). It says that he does “private parties” (but that his manager accompanies him)and to contact for rates.
    Wish I was in LA!!!! I’d be trying to see who all would like to pitch in together and get a private show from this kid!! If anyone were to do that, how about some cam recordings made and shared for us poor souls wishing we were there. LOL!

  4. Seriously, the dude is gay. Just watch the Andrew Christian “Car Wash” video if you still have doubts. The boy drops it like Beyonce or something.
    That being said, he can dance for me anytime. He’s so sexy, head to toe!

  5. He apparently has had dance lessons and now he needs vocal coaching if he intends to have a successful career. He needs to lower and masculinize his voice ASAP. When he gets the voice to match the rest of him, then he will be the total package.

  6. Gosh gay people can be such hypocrites…. If a straight acting guy can be a cock-hungry bottom whore, then a feminine acting guy can bang the shit out of a pussy. Let’s be fair and cut this dude some slacks.

    1. Who’s being hypocritical?! He can be as swishy as he wants to be and fuck as much gash as he likes, but I don’t want to watch/contemplate it. Echoing cider’s sentiments, IF he’s straight, he needs to get his ass on; there’s enough of these losers in gay porn already.

  7. whether he’s straight or gay his voice and mannerisms scream femme. while he is hot some of those poses and that lisp was a turn off to me. while i love having all types of gay men as friends i’m just not into fucking feminine guys. and as for the gay for pay thing i’m a bit confused. if you suck or get sucked by a guy, or fuck or get fucked by a guy, doesn’t that at the very least make you bisexual or at the very most delusional about you sexual orientation? is it just because you’re getting paid to do it that it doesn’t count? i mean if you got payed to kill someone doesn’t that still make you a murderer? even if you were just doing it for the money?

    1. “whether he’s straight or gay his voice and mannerisms scream femme.”

      I take it you’ve seen his solo. At one point, he fans himself like he’s having the vapors. LOL!

      1. having the vapors, you know i had never heard of that. well i looked it up and it fit perfectly. you are hilarious!!

        the Vapors

        A person who upon visualizing, reading, thinking, or even imagining something attractive or sexual embodies the characteristics of a southern elderly lady and receives warmth in the crotch area, similar to that of a dog in heat.

  8. He has to be straight, after all he “models” for Randyblue, and maybe that’s why he won’t do any gay sex stuff. He should do straight porn, straight guys would like to fuck a chick vicariously through him, but he is straight so he should stay away from gay porn, there’s way too many fucked-up heteros in gay porn already, it doesn’t need another Malachi Marx-ish straight loser.

  9. Waowwwwwwwww such a gorgeous Kurt! I wish to see him properly paired with Diego Sannz, or Reese, or Malachy Marx in a new unretirement, or a really good looking guy. Fantastic Kurt!

  10. Well I would still worship his piece, but those RB pics are a turn off for me, too much airbrushing and I wants to see the front!!

  11. I saw this guy all over Tumblr the other day and thought 3 things:

    1. He’s so fucking hot.

    2. I would suck on that cock as if my next breath depended on his jizz.

    3. He should do something porn-y other than these sexy shots.

    And now, #3 has been fulfilled.

    Off to grab it… and myself. ;)

    1. lol please, in his myspace, apart from mentioning he’s “straight”, he mentions his love of “Twilight”, “Charmed”, rom-coms and has written a bunch of poems any teenage girl could write.

      maybe back when he had myspace he was still in the closet? ;)

    2. Of course he’s straight. He’s in gay porn after all, right?

      To have a cock AND an ass like that and not be gay is a crime.

    3. There’s no way he’s straight. The moment he opens his mouth – I shit you not – the contents of an entire Coach store come flying out. And then there are the mannerisms/”jazz hands”…

      1. Loki, I work with a man whose voice and mannerisms scream, “I’m the biggest queen in the whole wide world,” and guess what? He’s straight and has been happily married to his wife for many years. You cannot rely on such things to reliably equate with sexual orientation.

        1. While that may be true of your co-worker, I seriously doubt that to be the case here. There are a myriad ways to tell, little clues. They might not be 100% reliable, but they’re there. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          1. We will have to agree to disagree, Loki. I have known far too many “gay-acting” guys who are straight (not closeted, but genuinely straight) and more than a few “straight-acting” guys who are gay. As far as I’m concerned, the only “little clue” as to whether a guy is gay is 1) if he says so and 2) if his actions back that up. In this case, we’re talking about a guy who is part of a business where gay for pay is the standard. It’s extremely unlikely that he’s gay, but since neither one of us will ever know him personally, I suppose the verdict will always be out.

          2. Ugh. I’m tired of being told to ignore my intuition (and that’s all gaydar really is BTW). I read an article over at [redacted] the other day where people were objecting to an 11 year-old boy (who was squeeing over meeting his idol RuPaul) being called a “gayby”. Or chewing out Dan Savage for implying Marcus Bachmann is gay. I guess you’re one of those…

          3. No, I’m not “one of those,” Loki. I’m simply saying assuming a person’s sexuality is determined by external mannerisms or what you can “gaydar” is faulty and unreliable. The only thing that makes a man homosexual is his attraction to other men and lack of attraction to women; everything else is just frills. But you go ahead and trust your instincts all you want to. I guess you’re “one of those” who thinks if a guy wears pink or happens to use the word “fabulous,” he must be a closeted homo.

          4. “But you go ahead and trust your instincts all you want to.”

            LOL! Well, I most humbly thank you for your permission. Tell me, should I have been swayed by the testimonials of some random person on the internet??

            “I have a this co-worker…”
            “I know loads of “gay-acting” straight men…”

            Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself of something… more than anything else. Alas, autonomic contrarianism. It’s all over the internet these days…

            NOTE: This is my last response to this topic; don’t bother to reply.

          5. “Tell me, should I have been swayed by the testimonials of some random person on the internet??”

            That’s up to you, fellow random Internet person. :-)

            “This is my last response to this topic; don’t bother to reply.”

            LOL! I’ll do whatever I damn well please, thank you very much. I base my comments on real men whom I happen to know personally, many of whom I interact with on a regular basis, not random porn performers who just happen to talk with a “gay” voice or move their hands a certain way.

            Anyway, it’s been interesting engaging in this with you. Bye now! :-)

          6. I was goading you into a response. Someone with a contrarian personality will always want to have the last word. ^_^

          7. LOL! You’re only proving me right, you sad, sad person, you. Have as many last words as you like. Be my guest…

            Or have moved on to pestering, damques?

  12. Dear Mr Randy Blue –

    I would pay money to see Mr. Madison twirl his thumbs in the nude and I would pay more to see him flip fuck.

    All my love,

    A Fan (of this model)

    1. Thank god. Reese Rideout is played out and not that hot. You can tell in every scene that he’s not into anything he’s doing. I want a man who loves cock and shows it.

  13. He’s really beautiful, has a great body and a great face, and for once here’s a guy who looks natural, big thumbs up!

  14. I will consider this a more than adequate apology for that two minutes of my life I’ll never get back from watching all those Cody Cummings clips. We need more of Kurt/Quinn doing adorable things, please.

  15. He needs to shave his ass (yeah, go on and post about how ass hair is hot, etc, etc)

    Other than that, he is deeeeeeeeeeLISH

  16. I’m definitely in favor of more “Kurt Madison” (that’s his name on Randy Blue’s models page). I’m surprised he didn’t come back for more after the solo. He’s a little lispy and that drew complaints IIRC, but that’s no problem for me – I like my men GAY.

  17. How do you make it through your work day and how many bathroom “breaks” must you take?? Argh! If that thing is real, I want to get down on my knees and worship it. Praise Jebus!

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