Rentboy: Actually, That Brent Corrigan Escort Ad Was Real

That Brent Corrigan Rentboy ad that looked pretty real, even though Brent Corrigan himself wrote that it was in fact the work of an “impostor,” actually was real, according to Rentboy. And Rentboy has proof.

Sean Van Sant from Rentboy tells The Sword that Brent Corrigan used his own credit card (under his legal name, Sean Paul Lockhart) to place the ad. And they traced his IP.


The ad was real, we confirmed the credit card belonged to the advertiser. It is our policy not to give out information about advertisers real names, but in this case, the credit card used to pay for the ad was under the model’s legal name and the billing address was confirmed by his credit card company. has never commented on the ad until now, but we believe the model or his agent may be pulling a publicity stunt, obviously timed to coincide with fund-raising for his new video project. The advertiser logged in from an easy-to-trace IP address and turned off his ad as soon as it achieved notoriety. As the director of, I investigated the ad immediately when it came to our attention.

Big eye roll,


Sean Van Sant
Director of

To be fair, maybe someone broke into Brent Corrigan’s house and used Brent Corrigan’s computer and Brent Corrigan’s credit card to place the ad!

46 thoughts on “Rentboy: Actually, That Brent Corrigan Escort Ad Was Real”

  1. it’s this kind of stupid behaviour which gives escorts a abad name, in fact i do like and appreciate escorts, and never call them whores or whatever, but this plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Skeet Mastermark

    Makes me wonder whether all the Sean/Brent critics over the years have been right about him all along. I just can’t get over WHY someone did this and quickly took down the ad. To drum up “private” offers/business on David Forest’s “introduction” site? WHY then defame Rentboy for allowing the ad to go up fraudulently or negligently by an “imposter”? The whole episode makes no sense.

    1. Well hold on a minute. While I agree none of this makes sense, it’s not as thought he issued a press release to defame rentboy. He sent a private email to David Forest in which he denied the ad TO FOREST, who then turned that email over to Zach and it was published here.

  3. Hello people! How soon you forget. Brent is also one of David Forest’s “inventory” for his infamous “meet and greets” with the stars. What the hell do you think that is? Sounds like escorting to me!!! This rentboy ad is hardly SHOCKING news.

    Brent Corrigan is a liar, plain and simple. And can never be trusted again.

    Everything Michael Lucas said was right.

    1. It’s scary and I NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined I would ever agree with this statement by Carry_On_People, but truer words haven’t been spoken: “Everything Michael Lucas said was right.”

  4. Can we also please give a big shout out to Sean from for his’big eye roll’ comment?? Funny stuff. Also.. Sean VAN ZANT?? Any relation to Gus? If Gus had made an honest woman of Brent during’Milk’….his name might be Sean Van Zant too!!!

    1. It’s also great to know that Rentboy is willing to circumvent the privacy of their users and chuck information out in the public for three seconds in the spotlight.

      1. I think it’s fair when the person who pays to run the ad says “It’s an imposter” for to say we investigated it and it appears it is NOT an imposter.

        I’m sure fakes are a big problem in their line of work, so if they have a chance to ‘debunk’ someone who says it’s a fake and it’s not, then why not ???

        1. Except he denied the ad in a private email, not in a public press release. That email was sent here by its recipient, published online and then rentboy circumvented their privacy policy by publishing the results of their “investigation.” That doesn’t strike you as morally shaky, at best?

          If Corrigan had issued a public statement (or even a tweet) denying the ad (thereby defaming rentboy) then that would be one thing. They have every right to defend themselves from a public attack, but they make no claims to your information being safe if they feel the need to defend themselves from an accusation you didn’t publicly make?

          1. So…. this is all David Forrests fault then …. okay that works. Hope Sean is smart enough to cut those ties.

  5. I just don’t get this. It’s supremely stupid in every way.

    Momentarily setting aside the masturbatory musings of the “Hate Brent” crowd, who crawl out of the woodwork to grind old axes and repeat long debunked and disproved theories about his (non-existent) involvement in the Kocis murder (they just “have a FEELING” wink wink) every time his name is mentioned, this stunt belongs squarely in loony land.

    If he wants to escort, he should go for it, but why oh why on earth would he post an ad on RENTBOY and not expect people to see it? He wouldn’t even need to advertise on any site. He’s well connected enough at this point that a few well placed phone calls would get him all the “escorting” work he wants without the general public being any the wiser. Why take the risk and THEN take the risk of denying it?

    This is either some sort of a calculated stunt or he really has a screw loose.

    Pardon the derailment. Please feel free to get back to blowing your loads over what you see as his “untergang.”

  6. Big fat liar. I can’t even watch his scenes any more, the guy has so much baggage it is ridiculous. And Sean/Brent- you may think you’re seen as innocent in what happened in 2007, but you and I both know that you are not.

  7. I completely agree that he should have owned up to the profile being genuinely his; but honestly, I seriously doubt a lot of those who have commented would have a different opinion of him if he had. In fact, if the only story were that he had a Rentboy profile and he verified that it was true, there would be just as many comments saying how sad, pathetic, poor, “washed up,” etc. he is now because he has a Rentboy profile. So stop pretending that this, this is what made you lose respect, adoration or whatever for BC.

  8. Its already been said but if you’re gonna be a whore then be a whore. People have a lot more respect for that than acting like you’re above the industry that made you “famous” yet still posting an ad selling your ass.

  9. I don’t see what the big deal is. He should learn from Benjamin Nicholas who I (and so many others) get a kick out of following on his blog and Twitter, because the guy is so much better than you and me. Benjamin travels in First Class. Benjamin waits in the Admiral’s Club for his First Class seat. Benjamin hob-nobs with celebrities in the Admiral’s Club while waiting for First Class. He’s sort of cute to follow, a Happy Hooker.

  10. The main problem is that all of this makes Sean/Brent look like a very shady lady… on top of some of his previous shenanigans…. as others have said already… just fucking own it and say
    .i am back on my back…. it is tough out there for a whore… cant wait for the scandal on the funds for that legit film of his.

      1. MeThinks: Has Sean/Brent ever truly followed through with the promises made about any of the countless film projects he was leading that he has talked about ad nauseum over the years? I know that any of the website film projects he was responsible for never came close to meeting his promises… Given that donations made to indiegogo projects are not tied to a guarantee that the project will be successful or even completed I don’t think that Sean would face any penalties if the project didn’t get past “development”; he certainly would not have to return any funds.

      2. UPDATE ….. and the money for ‘Truth’ is now tricccckkkkling in …. with 7 days to go, will the ‘jackpot’ hit $ 12K ???

        WAS this a publicity stunt that has now backfired ? (“Someone is trying to damage my efforts for a legit career. PLEASE HELP ME !!”)


  11. Being an escort is no big deal. The fact that he LIED about it is pretty pathetic. Why cant he say, YES its me just like so many other porn stars who cant get work anymore. But lying about it shows he is either ashamed of the ad or embarrassed.
    The LIE is worse than the actual ad.

  12. You know, here’s the thing: if you’re going to be some kind of whore, just own up to it. At the very least, I have to respect someone whose doing things they’re way and owning who they are.

    The fact that he’s covering this up for some reason just makes him seem more desperate. Sad day, Sean. Very sad day.

    1. Jonny your words are spot-on. Think about it: Sean entered the industry based on lies, achieved notoriety beyond his expectations based on lies, avoided any charges or thorough investigation in connection with that January 2007 incident based on lies, tried to transition to mainstream acting and actually got a few roles in notable films by publicly disconnecting himself from the porn industry and other personal drama which, you guessed it, was based on lies, publicly denounces the bareback sex professionally & personally — the very thing that allowed him to achieve fame and a penicillin prescription but anyone with a computer knows this also is based on lies, which brings us to the present day where Sean wants everyone to believe his malarkey that he is successful in the mainstream and has all these non-porn projects (however his finances must be in worse shape than the country of Greece if he’s gotten to the point that he needs to get back to tricking) but posts a RentBoy ad which he swears he did not do and was caught in yet another lie… It is sad that he doesn’t feel that we’d like him if he was just honest about himself; frankly I think all of us in the public and his personal relationships would like him even more if he took that route.

      1. all of the shenanigans got him to where he is today, so why not continue it? I’m not defending it by any means, but try to see it from his perspective. If manipulating the media made him famous, its only logical to think he would continue to manipulate the media to stay famous.

    It isn’t him!
    IT IS HIM!
    If he was in Texas I was a bit more desperate (talk to me in February when it’s been a year since I’ve done nothing) and it was around three hundred overnight then maybe.

    I like the guy and hope things go better for him…Why did he lie about this though?

  14. Actually from looking at the picture he has for that profile I think that was his application to be a back up dancer in the Beyonce “single ladies” video.

    And Bruce your comment made me Lol!!!

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