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I Have Something To Say: Dakota Wolfe

“Sex is not worth dying for.” Dakota Wolfe on the fame, blame, and shame surrounding his recent HIV+ diagnosis.

Last Thursday, March 31, Dakota Wolfe took to social media to make the announcement. While the Periscope video expired 24 hours later, public reactions from support to mockery remain ongoing. Now it’s time to hear from Dakota himself.

“I Have Something To Say” is a new feature at The Sword offering those in the adult industry a public platform to express what’s on their minds.

From PrEP to haters to the emotional and physical reality of living with HIV, Dakota Wolfe definitely has something to say:

“You don’t look at yourself the same. You feel shame. You feel regret. You get depressed. I know because I feel it too.”

The Sword would like to thank Dakota for making this video. We will be following his journey to being undetectable and to emotional wellness.

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25 thoughts on “I Have Something To Say: Dakota Wolfe”

  1. Oh wow, just keep making porn that’s what you do best. Seen you I bareback porn, fisting porn and many other types as well. Hate when guys try to profit off there hiv diagnosis. So you can keep getting your butt fill with cum and being a slut cause that’s what you do the best.

    1. Reading some of the comments here shows me how far we still have to go when it comes to supporting our own community. Yes, Dakota is reaping the consequences of his actions, however I know that choices are made based upon ones past experiences. How many of the comments here are from people who know Dakota beyond what we see on a screen, know him outside of the image we’ve built based off the persona that he present through his media? I’ve been out as a gay man for nearly 30 years now and have lived through far too much pain, however along the way I’ve had the good fortune and humility to learn from men older and wiser than me. One lesson that fits in this case is realizing that often destructive behavior comes from seeking enjoyment or/excitement or avoiding pain/unpleasantness at least in the short term. I don’t see Dakota saying poor me, I see someone who is saying I made some bad choices and this is the consequence, I’ve learned from it and this is what I’ve learned, please don’t duplicate my error. Is a bit of understanding and empathy so far out of line in this case?

      Dakota, I don’t purport to know what it is like to get an HIV+ diagnosis, as I am HIV-, what I can say is I have lost friends to the disease and have many other friends that are living with it. Please take care of yourself and do your best to stay well in general, from what I have seen and learned from friends who are positive while life changes you can still live a full, rich life but there will be an adjustment period. One thing I will say is given the opportunity I would love to meet and talk with you in person because you seem to be a good person who wants to make something good out of a bad situation.

  2. Just shut up!

    I’ve been HIV+ for over 30 years and back when I, and many others, were infected we did not have any information on the virus. People dropped dead like flies. There was no hope and no medicine. We didn’t whine about “shaming” or make excuses. We got off are asses and did something about it. But, you don’t have to even do that because of our efforts you have drugs, clinics and healthcare to care of your worthless ass.

    Today, you had decades of knowledge to keep yourself negative and you fucked it up all on your own. Then you whine because people rightfully call you stupid. You are stupid.

    You asked if “anyone has made a mistake?” This is more than a mistake. This is a colossal fuck up that has now changed your life forever. You will now have to take toxic pills to keep your virus undetectable. Do you have any idea what those pills do to you? Just wait…it isn’t pretty.

    1. wow, you would think someone in your postion, I dont know might have compassion? People make all kinds of mistakes, Im assuming you did too even if was 30 years ago, so hypocrite much?

      1. Compassion is the most overrated virtue of the millennial generation. Here’s a better antidote to the problems most of you complain about: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  3. Hi Dakota
    When AIDS was first announced to the world in the early 1970s, I lived in Hong Kong with my Chinese lover, He was 19. He went on a trip to the US. We decided that we should get checked. I was clear. He was positive. We continued in a relationship for another 15 years. He is still alive and healthy in 2016.
    For some reason, I, who was much more promiscuous than he, did not catch HIV.
    It was bad luck but there is a future.
    I am most sad at the statistics that suggest young people are engaging in unprotected sex. This is crazy and dangerous.
    Put as much information out as you can but there is a life with HIV. Just be open and honest.

  4. BeenInYourShoes

    Dakota- Don’t let the haters and assholes get to you! Keep your head high and speak your truth, whatever that may be. If telling your story helps even one person to make better decisions in their life, then its all worth it. By helping others it can help give you some purpose and meaning to all this. I know its hard right now and confusing. Just stay strong, get emotional support from people that really love/care about you and fuck the haters! You are doing the right thing!

  5. The shaming and hating needs to stop it serves no purpose that does anyone any good. At the same time Dakota needs to stop milking this for all it is worth as far as getting attention on social media because he is just fanning the flames.

    None of the stuff he talks about is new unless your some idiot who purposely ignores information they would rather not have to deal with.

    1. For you to think I am using this for attention and that I’m “milking” this just shows what kind of person you are. I don’t have to defend myself to the likes of you honestly. I did this video because I was asked to and this is a conversation that needs to be heard. I actually want to try to make a DIFFERENCE and one voice can do just THAT. If my video can help or change the mind of just ONE person then I know I’ve done something. What kind of person uses HIV for attention? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Use your brain for once.

  6. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. What an idiot. At least he knows it’s his own fault. And he can live with that for the rest of his sorry life. #loser

    1. Yes, he knows it’s his own fault and what he’s trying to do is make sure one or more people out there don’t make the same mistake so they don’t have to live with it the rest of their lives. That doesn’t make him a #loser but it does make you a #CondescendingJudgementalDoucheBag

  7. I regret to hear you contracted HIV. But let’s not forget that HIV was avoidable. We all know Dakota that you did work as an escort. We also know that you actively used recreational drugs. We also know that you participated in bareback sex with men. Even with prep you were actively engaging in behavior that put you at risk of contracting STIs. And no bitches I’m not cast judgment. I’m stating the obvious that with sex work and risky behavior you are at a greater risk and you need to be super diligent. I’m not shaming you. But I don’t feel sorry for you. HIV is avoidable. Now you got it. And it will affect the way you live. I am HIV positive. And I only blame myself. But I’ve turned my experience into a platform for other gay men to consider the risks. To protect themselves. Most positive men either choose to live healthy lives. Other go off the deep end and start being even more wreckless. I hope you become a force of good.

    1. It is unfortunate that your status hasn’t taught you to be a better man with stronger compassion and less judgment.

      WTF is the point, then, huh?

  8. Dakota your a strong man for talking about the horribles of the world of the gay community. We all do it unfortantely, weither its about HIV, dick size, if you like older, bi, act womanly, we do it unfortantely, we all judge and that’s not right, no one is perfect. I don’t know many HIV people, nor do I have it myself, but I know that cause I was litle more out in my public I got thought of having it cause the one guy usuauly doesn;t do condoms, it didn’t make it that far, but I felt the oh dont touch him he’s got it. It’s like cancer, I watched my Aunt die from cancer, but I didn’t let it be the ony thing I thought about her, something you have or don’t have should not define you.
    As I said your a strong man
    All my prays to you.

  9. HIV will be a minor setback for you in time. God loves you. You will grow in courage, you will grow in compassion, and you will remain a wonderful person. Explore your gifts. Not just your sexual talents. The world is waiting on you.

  10. FuckTheHaterzHoney!IAgreeWithEveryPointUMade,andThankUForExhibiting

  11. Since when is it that condoms and PrEP can’t be used together – why is always one way or the other?

    1. Ikr……I see it on so many profiles on Gay apps and Craigslist. I knew this would happen. I’m not surprised.

      1. Correct. Accidents DO happen. And if you are careful and take the precautions and have a slip up, the condom breaks or any other multitude of “what if” scenarios don’t go as planned – then yes, these are accidents.

        What is not an accident is willingly engaging in BB sex with peeps who are known to be HIV+ on a continuous basis and throwing all caution to the wind. That is just Russian roulette and it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of when.

        Now, do not come for me on here. I’m HIV+ and guess what? I fucked up. I take 100% of the responsibility of my own actions that put me where I am today. I make no sob story and do not seek pity. I’m not saying that the person in this story is doing that (whom I know personally & biblically), but if you do play with fire long enough, guess what, you will get burned.

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