Spencer Reed’s Facebook Fans Saying Weird, Inappropriate Things In Response To Spencer Reed Being Single

After telling his Twitter fans that Phillip Aubrey stabbed him, Spencer Reed told his Facebook fans that he broke up with Phillip Aubrey. That is probably a good thing to do, breaking up with the person who stabbed you! But what are Spencer’s Facebook fans saying in response to his new relationship status? Oh boy…

Sycophants who leave their drool all over Facebook status updates are the most maddening, worthless loons on the entire internet (even worse than people who comment on blogs!), but things can get fucking insane when these weirdos try and assuage the pain of their favorite porn star/celebrity/public figure after something as personal as a relationship change by leaving X’s and O’s and “what happened?” and, of course, “HUGS;)” in response.

Yes, the person who is publicly changing their relationship status opens the door for people to react, but some people are less concerned with saying something helpful than they are merely using another status update to express their undying love for someone they will never meet or have any real life contact with whatsoever. Are these people crazy? Horny? Crazy horny?

The ten “best” things people are telling Spencer, out of over 40 responses so far:

–so long as theres no crying it’s gonna be okay. now you can have sex freely. i personally think there’s a hotter man out there for you.

–pick us


–Hang in there. It’s a PROCESS. And a process means you go back and forth AS you move forward. Trust. Your LIFE.

–I would cook for you if I lived closer!! Hope you have a good support group of friends to keep you company when you need or want it? I am sorry for your loss & hope you get to a point where you look back on this as a learning experience. Big hugs, xoxo

–Sorry to hear that. HUGS

–well I am here for you SPENCER if you want ;-)

–So sorry to hear this Spencer….wish i could give ya a hug and kiss but hope this will do by sending ya this…..XOXOXOXOXOXXOXO..​.;0

–To Me,you’ve not only reached a new CHAPTER but you also learned a new lesson from now. What is the new lesson? The new lesson you’ve learned is to choose wisely the one you can have a strong relationship with. So,plis do remember that a pe…rson with a beautiful looks but who is unfaithful is like having a guns with roses on it! So, choose wisely and think well in looking a new lover and don’t be too hurry in falling in love becos worst thing can effect and ruin your whole life!




28 thoughts on “Spencer Reed’s Facebook Fans Saying Weird, Inappropriate Things In Response To Spencer Reed Being Single”

  1. Zzzzzzzzz…….. As much as I hate to be the voice of reason for anything more than a few seconds, I feel that I have to say….”Come on guys….” Are we seriously having this conversation? Ya know what this all boils down to? We, as gay/bi/str8 men and women, love to gossip. The simple fact that you took time out of your busy day to stop and read a blog titled “Spencer Reed’s Facebook Fans Saying Weird, Inappropriate Things In Response To Spencer Reed Being Single” pretty much speaks for itself. And you know what else? At the end of the day, or on our lunch break, or while we’re sitting at a stop-light, we’re gonna crack open our phones to see if anyone left a response to our witty retorts, condemning pontifications and biting comments, because we love this! So to the editor and employees of The Sword I say “Rock On.” And to all the faithful readers I say “Good job keeping The Sword in business!” Sincerly, That One Guy that Left a Comment that You’re About to Respond to

  2. Bernard A. Drabeck

    On occasion, I read comments from respondents on various sites, and frequently I am astonished by the meanness of those making negative observations. These spewers of invective must be wondrous creatures indeed–without blemish or faults of any kind, else they could not occupy such a high and lofty place from which they make their devastating pronouncements.
    I have news for them. All persons are flawed, period, some more deeply than others. In many tragic cases, flaws are exacerbated by drink or drugs. Anyway, In this sorry story of physical abuse within a gay relationship, the victim of serious and bloody mistreatment suffered serious bodily and psychological harm. He deserves compassion and support. Period. Not conjecture or judgment. I think we get plenty of condemnation from lots of homophobes (religious and otherwise) on this planet. We should make every attempt not to be part of that evil fellowship. Ben

  3. It is never wrong to express concern or sympathy (when it is genuinely felt) even if you think you sound weird or stupid. However, situations involving highly charged emotions are very likely to lead to weird or stupid expressions. For this reason, it is good have a small stock of things to say. It is not insincere to stick to form or formality when the express what you sincerely feel and have a better chance of expressing it accurately than what you might blurt out at the spur of the moment.

  4. Why be mean and snarky to people who are just trying to be nice and supportive in their own way? There’s a lot worse things to get worked up over than some innocuous FB messages. Oh, and it’s nice to know of your disdain for your readership. People don’t tend to stick around where they are not wanted or where they are fed a bunch of stupid crap masquerading as “humor”.

  5. Not so much inappropriate comments, more inane drivel. Yes it is slightly loony to be writing gushing comments like some kind of wordy orgasm to people you haven’t met, nor are ever likely to be meeting (and yes I realise I’ve done the same thing on this very blog, so certify me guilty as charged). That said, I’m sure Spencer is appreciative of messages of support.

  6. I personally don’t see that Zach is trying to say that their comments were inappropriate. I didn’t find them exactly inappropriate either. I did however find them to be completely clueless and moronic and these facebook users seem to take the news very lightly and don’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

    I’m sure if they knew the full story of what happened they would be GENUINELY sympathetic and not consider his breakup as mild as they make it sound to be. But do you really need to know what exactly happened to be genuinely sympathetic? No not really. I’m sure the same ppl don’t take news lightly of breakups of ppl that they know in real life and communicate with them on a more constant basis. And porn stars aren’t celebrities that have their social media run by their managers or PR firm. You keep in touch with them just as easily as you can with any other friend on facebook. I swear seems like facebook is turning more and more into myspace. Either that or too many of those dumbasses are emigrating to facebook.

      1. NO Luke, how bout a =10! In my opinion people have made Facebook the upscale version of Myspace and that’s the reason that I officially kissed Facebook goodbye!!!!

  7. Seriously, Zach, WTF?

    You don’t have a problem with Blake Shelton making a tweet praising violence against gay men, but you DO have a problem with Spencer Reed’s gay porn fans making positive comments on his FB after what he went through?

    With the exception of the comments “pick us” and “I am here for you if you want ;)”, none of the other comments were inappropriate at all. And I’m usually sensitive about these kinds of things. What is inappropriate about saying “Hang in there….it’s a process” or “Sorry to hear that”?

    And when those people say “Big hugs, xoxo” they aren’t literally saying that they want to f*ck or get f*cked by Spencer Reed. They’re just saying that they feel for Spencer right now, and their best wishes are with him right now during this difficult time. That’s all.

    Maybe you should just stick to reporting about new porn instead of giving social commentary about Queerty, GLAAD, The Advocate, and gay porn fans.

  8. I find it interesting that you are not only making fun of Spencer fan base but also folks that read post comments on TheSword.Com You wrote “most maddening, worthless loons on the entire internet (even worse than people who comment on blogs!)” I wonder that your employers will think when they realize you are driving readers away from this advertiser supported (pay per click) enterprise.

    1. Good lord, anyone sensitive enough to be driven away by that is probably a little too delicate to be reading The Sword in the first place.

  9. Slow news day? These comments are less weird/inappropriate then the shit my friends
    say on my facebook on a regular basis, why aren’t you researching the drama
    and figuring out why Spencer was stabbed? That’s a real post.

    1. If and when Spencer Reed wants to talk about the event, he will. Poking around would be tacky.

      Speaking of tacky, Facebook makes people lose their damn minds.

      1. He already HAS talked about the event! He’s used two forms of social media (so far) to garner sympathy and get his side of the incident out in public. What’s tacky and disingenuous is to share your private moments with the world when it suits you and then to pull back and cry that you want “privacy” when it doesn’t. As I said in the other thread, this MAY be all Philip’s fault but we don’t know that yet. We don’t know anything beyond a one-sided internet PR campaign (via TWITTER!)

        1. Andrew your comments are completely inappropriate, I hope the day you get stabbed you get spat at and laughed at the same way, and when you tell it to your friends (if you have any) they will start doubting your version and think that it’s your fault .
          Internet really enables the worse shitbags on this planet to wag their tongue and spit their venom on any subject, they wont be held accountable for it. COWARDS.

          1. Woah Manu what kind of a nutcase are you?!? You’re WISHING that I get stabbed and spat on because I questioned the wisdom of posting this on twitter virtually “as it happened”? You’re calling me a shitbag and venomous because I cautioned that there are two sides to every story and we have only heard one at this very early juncture? Really?

            You are the sick one, my friend, and you need some help!

        2. I agree with Andrew on this one. If you want your business/information to be private, don’t put it all over the internet. The people that disagree with that statement are the same people that end up getting “craiglist killed.” And frankly, the guy said it himself, his ex had been abusive prior to this happening and “this wasn”t the first/worst time.” This all seems to be, as Andrew said, an attempt to gain one sided cyber support. And really, at the end of the day guys….who gives a f***….?

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